Why A Chimney Sweep is Important

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Chimney Sweeping

This time of year you hear a lot about fire safety. It’s not only those who have a fireplace that may experience a fire this winter. Winter has the highest frequency and severity of fires of the year for many reasons. First, homeowners are using heat for their homes, whether it be a fireplace, furnace, space heater, wall heater, stove, or even more than one of these at a time. Homeowners are using clothes dryers instead of clotheslines. They’re cooking indoors instead of barbecuing (for the most part). We’re decorating, hanging lights, plugging more stuff into the same old outlets, and in all this hoopla of winter, we are also busy and may not think of or plan to prevent the worst possible outcome—like a house fire.

Residential Fires are Preventable

sweep on roof inspecting chimneyMany homeowners may not understand it, and those who have experienced a house fire may not want to face it, but house fires are preventable. Science says so, and as professionals, it is our goal to spread awareness in order to prevent more fires. At Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service we make it our professional and personal goal to bring down the frequency of residential fires in our community of Raleigh, North Carolina. Your home may be the largest financial investment you make in your lifetime, and if you’ve made your home in our community, we want to help you keep it! We help residents in our service area by offering comprehensive chimney care year-round. This includes preventative services like sweeps and inspections as well as repairs, installations, restorations, and even dryer vent cleaning. All of these things are important for the healthy life of your chimney, but many repairs and costs can be avoided altogether by just remember the most important services of all—the chimney sweep and inspection.

The Safest and Most Efficient Chimneys

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) are the authority among chimney professionals in America. They agree that the chimneys which are cleaned regularly and inspected annually are the safest and most efficient. This is a two-bird, two-stones fact. If a chimney is safe, it will burn efficiently. If a chimney works efficiently, it will burn safely. We are so confident that these two services will prevent fires that we roll them into one for your benefit! If you schedule a chimney sweep with the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps (CCS) at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, we will complete a basic inspection as well! This means that every time you have your chimney cleaned, you can also rest assured that it is safe and ready to use, that all parts are in working order, and you most likely won’t need the service for another calendar year. The more you maintain your chimney system, the less maintenance it will need! This is a truth that more and more of our customers, friends, and neighbors are discovering for themselves as they invest in their homes and their own safety.

Other Benefits of A Clean Chimney

The fact is that your chimney will work better when it is clean. Air will flow freely through the fireplace and the flue, venting smoke and toxins out of the home properly. The fire will be beautiful, vibrant, and warm. As the fire burns efficiently, you’ll waste less wood and you’ll also waste less money in utilities for central heating costs. Coming into the holiday season, though, our homeowners are looking for even more benefits of the chimney sweep and the chimney truly is the gift that keeps giving.

A Clean Hearth – When you schedule a chimney sweep, your technician will not only clear your flue of soot and creosote, but will also sweep away the ash in your hearth, address stains and residue, and clean glass doors.

Eliminate Unwelcome Odors – When your chimney and fireplace is dirty—even with natural substances like soot, creosote, ash, and unburned fuel—it will eventually produce odors when the fire is out. When pressures change outside (such as before a rain) these odors can become strong and very unwelcome, as if you have a dirty barbecue grill sitting with you on the couch!

A Vibrant Fire – Your dancing, crackling fire is as traditional for the holidays as milk and cookies for Santa. It’s the backdrop for your family festivities and holiday photos. The fireplace is so popular for the season that your television service most likely has a crackling fire for your television screen! A dirty chimney will make a weak flame. It may be difficult to light, smoky, and even dangerous.

Warmth and Ambiance – Finally, a clean fireplace will result in a warm and comfortable space for all of your living. Whether your fireplace is in the kitchen, the living room, den, office, or bedroom, make sure it’s clean so that it can produce the warmth and ambiance necessary to your life.

Chimney Sweeps in Raleigh, NC

If you reside in and around Raleigh, North Carolina and own or rent a home with a fireplace, schedule a sweep today. Insuring your venting system is clean is the first step to preventing a catastrophic fire this season. Don’t risk burning a fire in a dirty chimney.

Call and schedule your sweep today at 919-747-1859 or request an appointment online.

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