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by | Nov 22, 2016 | Chimney Sweeping

chimney sweep climbing ladderRegular use of your chimney results in natural residue inside the chimney flue, ashes inside the firebox, and creosote buildup on chimney components and flue walls. You can’t avoid the natural occurrence of these byproducts, but depending on the fuel you use, you may experience less mess.

Wood is the biggest culprit, resulting in a large amount of soot and creosote. You can minimize the buildup of creosote and lower risk of fire by choosing only properly seasoned wood and practicing good fire safety .

Gas fires are the most efficient, resulting in less byproduct and less mess. Gas fires leave virtually no ash, only water vapors, carbon monoxide, and very little smoke. However, even with their high efficiency, the chimney should be cleaned regularly. Gas appliances use almost all of the heat produced, which can mean there isn’t enough heat to push the smoke and vapors up the chimney. It doesn’t have anywhere to go, so it can stall in the chimney flue and coat the walls over time.

Why Schedule a Chimney Sweep

The Chimney Safety Institute of America  recommends regular maintenance for safe and efficient chimney systems. Annual chimney inspections and regular chimney sweeps keep your chimney working for you all winter long.

When you have your chimney regularly swept, the surface of your chimney walls will be smooth and clean, meaning the vapor and soot is better able to rise up the chimney and escape without clinging to the flue walls and causing creosote buildup. Creosote is residue left in the chimney naturally, but when allowed to compound can result in level three, or glazed creosote, which is extremely dangerous. It can become so compounded that it can obstruct the chimney flue, resulting in fire, and the substance itself is also highly flammable because of its high concentration of tar.

Protect your family and property against fire risk by cleaning dangerous substances from the chimney flue. You will also benefit from a thorough firebox cleaning during your chimney sweep. The firebox can become stinky over time when ashes are allowed to remain, especially in mild climates with high humidity. Your technician will remove the ash and soot during your chimney sweep.

Call the Professionals

When you call Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service for your routine chimney sweep you can count on the results. Our technicians are CSIA Certified (CCS) and strive only to keep your chimney safe and operational. We provide expert advice and service no matter if you’re a new or returning customer and our experience and training allows us to be the best service provider in Raleigh and surrounding area.

Schedule your chimney sweep now, and avoid interrupting burning season with a service call or threat of fire. You can call Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service at 919-747-1859 or schedule an appointment online.

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