New Prefabricated Fireplace Installation

There is always a temptation for consumers to try to install their newly bought prefabricated fireplace, which we totally understand. However, you might consider having a professional not only install your fireplace but also consult with them before you order or buy one. This has to do with getting the measurements correct as well as knowing the venting requirements for the different types and kinds of units out on the market today.

Ask For Help

It’s so easy when you do something day in and day out to go in and consult with a customer or measure to make sure they are ordering or purchasing the right size fireplace. It is a lot less expensive for a professional to do an install from start to finish than come into the process in the middle. Telling a homeowner they have an added expense to get the unit to work within the current codes and standards is something that can be easily avoided.

fireplace before replacement


fireplace replacement after


It’s simple, it’s what we do! Call and ask us to help you with that prefabricated fireplace from measurement to purchase to installation. We will take the hassle out of installation and ensure it will be installed properly and we guarantee our work. You can rest assured and be worry free that any fireplace we install will be safe and sound for your home and family. Find out why we are Broadway and Raleigh’s first choice in chimney and fireplace services.

stone chimney


chimney replacement with siding


You can also retro-fit an existing fireplace for increased efficiency or a change in fuel source. Making sure this is done safely and up-to-code is all part of the restoration and installation services provided by Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service in the greater Broadway and Raleigh/Durham area.