The Importance of Addressing Chimney Leaks

As we’ve stated many times before, water is a chimney’s worst enemy. When water or moisture gets into your chimney, it can cause a wide range of serious problems. Water will bring even the most well-built chimney to its knees, causing cracked mortar, flaking bricks and compromising its structural integrity. When water gets into the creosote inside your chimney liner, it eats into the mortar, accelerating the damage.

There are many possible causes for a chimney leak, including:

Flashing Problems
chimney flashing damage
Damaged/Defective Chimney Crowns
chimney crown damage
Missing/Defective Chimney Caps
missing chimney caps
Cracks/Gaps in the Mortar Joints or Chimney Masonry
damaged chimney masonry
Because it sticks up above the roof, your chimney is constantly exposed to the elements — wind, snow, rain and the freezing and thawing cycles of winter. Masonry materials are very porous, so they absorb a large amount of water. The constant cycle of freezing and thawing puts a large amount of stress on the chimney, leading to cracking, chimney leaks and structural damage.

Protect Yourself Against Chimney Leaks


rusted chimney chase cover
damaged chimney crown
rusted chimney chase cover
chimney without cap cover
damaged chimney crown


replaced chimney chase cover
repaired chimney crown
chimney chase cover
chimney with chimney cap
repaired chimney crown
If your chimney is leaking, we urge you to have a qualified chimney professional inspect it immediately. We cannot overstress how important this is. Water can quickly cause serious damage to the structure of your chimney. The longer this damage is allowed to continue, the more costly the repairs are likely to be. Water damage can be a slow process that largely goes unnoticed. In many cases, by the time you notice that there is a problem, there could already be serious damage.

There are several ways to protect yourself against chimney leaks:

  • Make sure you have a professional-grade chimney cap installed.
  • Replace or repair a damaged chimney crown.
  • Repair chimney mortar cracks or gaps.
  • Inspect and repair any leaky flashing around your chimney.
  • Waterproof your chimney!

Don’t let a leaky chimney get out of hand. The CSIA-certified professionals at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service can inspect your chimney and track down the source of any leaks or water problems.


Your dryer vent system is another potential source of fire hazard, so include regular inspection and cleaning as part of the chimney and vent services provided by Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service.

masonry chimney with cap