We Repair & Replace Chimney Caps

Every fireplace should have a proper chimney cap. A chimney cap is usually a black or silver manufactured box that sits on top of your chimney. The chimney cap is an important feature of your chimney system and serves several important purposes, including:

  • Protecting your roof from sparks and burning debris that could blow out of your chimney and land on your roof or in nearby trees, causing a fire.
  • Keeping rainwater out of your chimney. Water is extremely destructive to your chimney system. If moisture mixes with the creosote on the inside of your chimney, it eats away at the mortar in your chimney walls. Water can also rust the metal components inside your chimney.
  • Stopping birds, squirrels and other animals from getting inside your home through the chimney.
  • Keeping leaves, branches and other outdoor debris from getting into your home.
White brick chimney with black metal chimney cap with screen

Obviously, a damaged chimney cap can cause a variety of problems. Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service specializes in repairing chimney caps, using the most advanced materials and techniques available. For all our different styles of caps and to see what we offer, click here.


Replacing Your Chimney Cap

Brick chimney with exposed flue before custom chimney cap installation


Brick chimney with newly installed custom octagon shaped copper chimney cap


Brick Chimney with double flues before custom chimney cap installation


Brick chimney with newly installed custom double flue copper chimney cap


If you need a new chimney cap, Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service sells and installs a wide range of chimney caps in several different styles. Click here to shop the Whitecap styles we carry.  The type of chimney cap you need may depend on the type of flue you have in your chimney. A new chimney cap is oftentimes the only fix you need to solve problems such as wind puff backs, bad odors and downdrafts.

Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service will evaluate your situation and make a recommendation to repair or replace your chimney cap. There are many options available, but don’t worry – our trained professionals will help you select the option that meets your needs and fits in your budget. If your chimney cap needs attention, don’t wait any longer. A broken chimney cap can make your chimney vulnerable to water damage — a chimney’s worst enemy!

In addition to being kept clean, the inside of your chimney needs to be protected from cracks and crumbling. So let our trained technicians inspect your chimney lining in case the chimney lining needs to be replaced or repaired.

New, custom copper chimney cap installed on white washed brick chimney