Fireplace Retro-Fits

What in the world are fireplace retro-fits? In a nutshell, it’s changing out an existing fireplace unit with another one. While that sounds easy, it’s not always as easy as one might think.

The Change Out

One of the easier retro-fits is when you want to replace an existing fireplace with the same type of unit. The issues that come into play have more to do with codes and standards that might have changed since the current one was installed. It would be great to get into all the different possible scenarios, from sizing to proper venting, but honestly, it’s best to consult a chimney and fireplace expert before you start the process so everything can be researched and mapped out ahead of time. This makes the process easier for all parties and, most of the time, less expensive.

Fireplace Retro Fit Before with Black Insert and white surround


Fireplace Retro Fit After with New Arched Insert and stone surround


Fireplace Retro Fit Before with square black insert, stone surround and hearth, and wood mantle


Fireplace Retro Fit After with new black arched insert with same stone surround, wood mantel and upgraded smooth heath


The Upgrade

Upgrading your fireplace is how one perceives it to be. You may think going from a masonry fireplace to a gas one is an upgrade and another person may think it’s getting that insert or stove. What matters are the specifications for your choice. There are different venting issues with different makes and models, fuel types and codes and standards. All of these will need to be taken into consideration when changing out a fireplace with the upgrade of your choice.

Again, using a qualified company that specializes in tearing out old units and retro-fitting new ones is extremely important. We like to start working with customers before they purchase a product if at all possible. This lets us make sure everything is in order before anything is bought. Most changes mean more money and we want to make sure you get the best for what you spend with no surprises.

The Easy

Gas logs are the most affordable retro-fit, going from a wood burning masonry fireplace to a gas one. Of course, when working with gas you have to be very careful and know what you are doing. We work with the gas company to make sure everything is done to specifications and code. When we are finished, you will have a beautiful gas-burning fireplace.

Why Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service

We have done hundreds of these types of retro-fit jobs for every type and kind of fireplace and unit. That includes stoves and inserts. We are fully certified and trained by the NFI (National Fireplace Institute) and CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) to be able to install and retro-fit fireplaces and provide venting solutions that comply with industry standards and manufacturer’s specifications.

To learn more about us and schedule a time we can discuss your retro-fit project, just contact us via the contact form or call us. We look forward to visiting with you.

stone fireplace with stainless steel frame insert and white wooden mantel
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