Chimney Crown Repair: Expert Advice From Inspection to Repair

A chimney crown may not be the most well-known element of your home, but it does play an extremely important role in keeping your house dry and protecting your chimney and fireplace from weather-related damage. This often-overlooked component acts as a barrier against snow, debris, and even curious critters.

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Brick Chimney with Newly Repaired Crown and new stainless steel chimney cap
Brick Chimney with Crown Coat Chimney Repair
Brick Chimney with Crown Coat Chimney Repair

What Is a Chimney Crown?

A chimney crown is like a roof that covers the top of your chimney, stopping water from penetrating into the masonry below. Not to be confused with your chimney cap (a separate, metal mechanism that is attached to the top of the flue pipe), the crown is usually constructed from durable materials, such as concrete, but can sometimes be made of less-durable mortar.

Because of its location at the top of the chimney, the crown gets very little protection from the elements and often requires resurfacing or other repairs.

What’s the problem with mortar crowns?

Now, oftentimes we will see chimney crowns lazily thrown together using leftover mortar from the original construction of the rest of the chimney. This common practice can lead to numerous issues down the road. That’s because mortar isn’t as strong as concrete, which leads to the eventual cracking of the crown.

If your chimney crown crumbles or cracks, water will run down the masonry and get into the chimney structure, wreaking havoc on your fireplace system and potentially causing extensive damage to your home’s interior.

When these types of leaks develop, it is often mistaken for a problem with the flashing. However, a licensed chimney technician will be able to correctly diagnose whether you have a problem with flashing or a problem with your chimney crown.

Is It Necessary to Have a Chimney Cap Along With a Chimney Crown?

Although a chimney cap and chimney crown serve similar purposes (in which they both help protect your chimney and fireplace), it’s important to note their distinct roles.

  • Chimney Caps: A chimney cap is a metal or mesh covering that sits on top of the chimney flue. Its primary purpose is to act as a barrier against rain, snow, debris, and curious small animals. The mesh wiring, which resembles a cage, allows smoke and gases to escape while keeping everything else out. Additionally, a chimney cap can also prevent sparks from escaping the chimney, reducing the risk of fires on nearby roofing materials or trees.
  • Chimney Crown: As previously mentioned, the chimney crown covers the entire chimney stack, shielding the water from water infiltration. Unlike a chimney cap, it isn’t designed to allow gases or smoke to pass through, but rather divert water away from the sides of the chimney structure.

Considering each of their unique purposes, it is necessary to have both a working chimney cap and chimney crown on your masonry chimney.

Damaged Brick Chimney Crown Before Repair


Chimney Crown After Repair and new chimney Cap


How Can I Prevent Future Chimney Crown Damage?

When it comes to your chimney crown, water is the enemy. Over time, water and fluctuating temperature conditions cause even the most well-constructed chimney crowns to crack and deteriorate. Once your chimney crown starts to break down, the damage will quickly spread to other parts of the chimney.

So how exactly can you help prevent something that occurs so gradually, yet poses a significant threat to your chimney’s integrity? Here are some steps you can take to defend your chimney crown against the relentless forces of nature.

  • Book Regular Inspections: The most important thing you can do is schedule annual chimney inspections by a certified chimney technician. This will help identify early signs of crown damage or defects, and ensure you receive recommendations for solutions that will prevent more extensive damage.
  • Invest in Proper Construction: If you’re having a new chimney built or an existing one renovated, make sure the chimney crown is constructed using concrete and with a slight slope to allow water to run off. Having the chimney crown constructed properly the first time will ensure you don’t have to hire another company to come back and fix the problem later – or repair even more expensive and extensive damage caused by water infiltration.
  • Schedule Professional Waterproofing: Did you know you could apply a high-quality sealant or water repellent to the entire exterior of your masonry chimney? This will create a protective barrier that will guard against any moisture.
  • Trim Trees & Branches: Regularly trim trees and branches near your chimney to help prevent falling debris and reduce the risk of damage during storms or high winds.
  • Monitor Weather & Seasonal Changes: Pay attention to weather conditions in your area. If you’ve recently experienced heavy storms or freezing temperatures, check your chimney for signs of damage or ice-related issues with the crown.
  • Schedule Professional Repairs: If you notice any cracks, gaps, or other signs of damage, call Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service at 919-747-1859. Prompt attention can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. We help with any chimney repairs – large or small – and perform all of our chimney crown work using high-quality, weather-resistant materials.

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