Chimney Crown Repair

The chimney crown is the top part of your chimney and plays a critical role in protecting your chimney from weather-related damage and keeping your house dry. A chimney crown (also called the mortar cap) is the masonry roof that covers the top of your chimney, stopping water from penetrating into the masonry below. Not to be confused with your chimney cap (a separate mechanism that is attached to the top of the flue pipe), the crown is usually a wider masonry or concrete area at the top of the chimney. Because of its location at the top of the chimney, the crown gets very little protection from the elements and often requires resurfacing or other repairs.

If your chimney crown crumbles or cracks, water will run down the masonry and get into the chimney structure. When these types of leaks develop, it is often mistaken for a problem with the flashing. However, a qualified chimney repair professional will be able to correctly diagnose whether you have a problem with flashing or a problem with your chimney crown.

When it comes to your chimney crown, water is the enemy. Over time, water and fluctuating temperature conditions cause even the most well-constructed chimney crowns to crack and deteriorate. Once your chimney crown starts to break down, the damage will quickly spread to other parts of the chimney.

Damaged Brick Chimney Crown Before Repair - trees in the background


Chimney Crown After Repair and new chimney Cap


Brick Chimney with Newly Repaired Crown and new stainless steel chimney cap
Brick Chimney with Crown Coat Chimney Repair
Brick Chimney with Crown Coat Chimney Repair

Chimney Crown Inspection

When Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service performs a chimney inspection, we pay close attention to the condition of your chimney crown. If we discover any damage or defects, we will recommend a solution that will prevent more extensive damage.

Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service can help with any repairs to your chimney crown—large or small. In fact, we can completely remove and rebuild your crown if necessary. We perform all of our chimney crown work using high-quality, weather-resistant materials applied by expertly trained chimney care professionals.

The firebox is another important area of your chimney and fireplace system that may need repair and restoration, so ask the CSIA-certified technicians at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service to inspect for this common chimney and fireplace repair.