Gas fires are a popular option among homeowners because they are versatile in style and capacity, they’re easy to install and extremely convenient to use. You might have a gas fireplace because you live in a small space such as a condo, you’ve converted from wood, or you seek the convenient and environmentally-friendly fireplace it allows. Whatever your reasons for choosing gas, it’s important to make sure it’s working properly all winter long. A faulty fireplace can lead to toxic fumes in the home, fires, and other damages that bring down your property’s value. In fact, an inefficient fireplace may be costing you money—even if it’s the best fireplace on the market when it’s purchased and installed. The only way to make certain your fireplace is safe and efficient is to use it properly and schedule professional services annually.

fireplace with doors openCommon Problems and How to Fix Them

If your gas fireplace is causing you problems, you can troubleshoot at home but most of the common gas fireplace issues are only resolved through professional care.

  • DIFFICULT-TO-LIGHT – If the fireplace is being used properly and the gas line is open, there should be no problem lighting the pilot light and igniting the burners. If either one or both does not light, there may be a problem with the gas line, there may be a problem with the thermopile. The best option, in this case, is to call a professional.
  • PILOT LIGHT GOES OUT – If the pilot light is igniting, but shortly goes out again, the issue is likely the thermocouple. This also should be addressed by a professional.
  • PROBLEMS VENTING – The gas fireplace will require proper ventilation if it’s a vented gas log set. Improper ventilation of a gas fireplace will result in condensation and water damage around the house, including ruined wall coverings, buckled paint and wallpaper, and respiratory issues. It may be that your system isn’t ventilating properly.
  • INCOMPLETE COMBUSTION – If your carbon monoxide detector is activated while your fireplace is in use it is likely due to a tight house, a minimum draft, and not enough oxygen to burn the gas completely and vent properly. This problem may seem like no big deal but can actually lead to stalled air in the flue, an unsafe level of oxygen in the home, and extra flue damage and fire danger.

Steps to Prevent Gas Fireplace Issues

  • 1. First, buy your gas fireplace, stove, insert, or log set from a licensed dealer. Make sure the company you choose understands what you need right down to the space you have and the temperatures you need. Your fireplace expert should be able to fit you with a gas fire appliance according to your needs exactly and ensure you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • 2. Have your fireplace installed by a certified technician only. Only a licensed and certified professional has the training and experience to install a fire appliance of any brand and fuel type. Do not trust your installation to an amateur.
  • 3. Make sure you get the manual from your retailer and installer and read it completely before using your fireplace. Follow all use and maintenance guidelines outlined in the literature from the manufacturer.
  • 4. Schedule maintenance appointments with a certified professional to inspect and clean your chimney and fire system. These appointments should be completely annually whether you use your fireplace daily or only every now and then. Gas service will help keep your fireplace working well and keep your home safe from fire or toxic gases. Annual maintenance and inspections also help your system last longer and work better.

When it comes to any investment in your home, you want to get the most value. When your particular investment has the ability to actually decrease the value of your property, you want to avoid that if possible. Having a professional install your unit, maintain your unit and repair it is the only way to ensure your fireplace is a great addition to your home and property.

Gas Service for Christmas

While you’re winterizing your house for cold temps and decorating your yard and home for Christmas, don’t forget about your gas fireplace. Even if you haven’t used it yet this year, you will likely want it for Christmas. It will be the perfect backdrop for holiday photos and will bring warmth and ambiance to your family gathering that is only achieved by a crackling fire.

Schedule a gas service now and we will make sure your gas fireplace is ready for use this holiday season. We’ll check the connections, the burners, hinges, and flue. We’ll take the appliance apart and clean it, replace missing or broken parts, and leave a clean flue for the Jolly Elf, Santa.

If you reside in the Raleigh or Durham area and own a home with a gas fireplace, we can service it now. We can identify older gas models and help you determine if it is vented or vent-free. We can convert your wood fireplace to gas, reline your flue, and bring your inefficient fireplace up to snuff. Ask a Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service expert how we can help you save money on heating now by installing a gas fireplace. Ask us how to fix your problem fireplace today.

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