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We’ve provided chimney sweep services to Durham, Hayes, Joyland, Braggtown, Keene, Bilboa, Colony Park, Hope Valley North, Mill Grove, University Estates, Weaver, Surry Green, Few, Apex, Cary, and all of the nearby towns, and there’s one thing we can guarantee – no one provides better chimney care than Mr. Smokestack! Schedule your next chimney inspection now.

Why We Love Durham

The culture throughout the city of Durham makes it one of the best places to live, and we’ve enjoyed watching this city blossom over the years. Durham excels in technology and medicine, and it is also home to Duke University, which is one of the top universities in the country. It’s clear that folks here have a lot to be proud of!

Other popular attractions include the Museum of Life + Science, Nasher Museum of Art, the Bennett Place State Historic Site, and the Museum of Durham History, all of which provide interesting historical information and educational materials to those lucky enough to visit.

And don’t forget to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery the area has to offer. There are endless opportunities to engage in nature, so pack up your friends and family, and be sure to head over to Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Duke Lemur Center, Eno River State Park, West Point on the Eno, Rollingview at Falls Lake State Recreation Area, or Orchard Park the next chance you get.

Need a pick-me-up? A warm coffee, good meal, or tasty sweet should do the trick. Fortunately, there are tons of dining options, as well as bakeries and coffee shops, throughout the Durham area. And if some shopping is in the forecast, your options there won’t disappoint, either.

Finally, if you need a Durham chimney sweep to keep your system in the best shape possible, turn to the CSIA-certified chimney technicians here at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service. We are dedicated to excellence, and we are fully committed to staying up to date and educated on it all – we won’t miss a thing when it comes to your chimney, dryer vents, and fireplace!

Just talk to your neighbors on Roxboro Street, Angler Avenue, Pettigrew Street, Lawson Street, Alston Avenue, Ellis Road, Briggs Avenue, Fayetteville Street, Cornwallis Road, Vickers Avenue, Miami Boulevard, Club Boulevard, Duke Street, Guess Road, Broad Street, Main Street, Gregson Street, Buchanan Road, Geer Street, Avondale Drive, Hillandale Road, Carver Street, Pickett Road, or anywhere else around town. We’ve served homeowners throughout the community, and we are proud to have built a reputation for reliability and high-quality care.

Interested in a New Fireplace? We can Find the Right Fit for You

Whether you are upgrading your unit, replacing an old system, or starting from scratch, purchasing a new fireplace can really change your space. While the thought of a new heating system can be exciting, the pressure involved in deciding on a fuel type, location, design, model, and more can get overwhelming in a hurry. And you definitely don’t want to invest a lot of money into a project, only to wind up with something you don’t even like.

At Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, our experts are trained to help you find the best fit for your needs. We carry both wood-burning and gas-fueled varieties, and we specialize in prefabricated and retro-fit fireplaces as well. Finding the right match for your home definitely won’t be a problem, and if you have any questions or concerns along the way, we would be happy to address them.

How do we know so much? Our sweeps are CSIA-certified and members of the NSCG, and we’ve been doing this for more than a decade. The many awards and positive testimonials we’ve received speak for themselves. We are completely confident that you’ll be more than satisfied after working with our crew, and we would be happy to get this process going for you today.

Our Full List of Chimney Services Near Durham

Need more than just help with installation? We offer much, much more! Our full service list includes:

I have been completely dazzled with the professionalism of the office staff and installers. Over the course of 3 months, I met almost every service employee, and I am impressed with all of them. They conducted a thorough inspection (with photos) and provided an estimate in a timely manner. The completion of the repairs on the 2 outside chimneys (Chase covers, termination caps) were also completed very quickly. Some repair work was required on the inside fireplace (replacement of refractory panel that was cracked) prior to installation of the gas logs, and all of the repairmen were competent, tidy and polite. They were very conscientious, explained everything they had installed, including the operation of the new gas logs, and meticulously cleaned up behind themselves. I will continue to use and recommend Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service.

– Debra S.

What Are the Risks of Neglecting Fireplace Services?

Well, first and foremost are the risks of poor indoor air quality, which can then lead to health hazards. If your fireplace isn’t working well, those in your household could experience things like smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide poisoning, and the like. This is especially dangerous for infants, the elderly, and those already prone to respiratory issues (like asthma or severe allergies).

Then, there’s the increased chance of chimney fires. If creosote forms and builds up inside of your chimney flue, it can easily catch on fire. Why’s this? Creosote is combustible by nature – and once ignited, a chimney fire can quickly spread to the roof and other combustible parts of your home, resulting in devastating property damage and potential loss of life.

The good news is that regular fireplace inspections, including chimney sweepings, can help prevent any and all of these issues. Get a Durham fireplace professional’s eye on the job, so you can stress less with every burning season.

What Are Signs That My Fireplace Needs Cleaning?

  1. Soot Buildup: Take a look up into your flue. If there’s a thick layer of a black, glossy substance lining the walls, it’s a sign that a cleaning is in order. And the sooner the better, as buildup of any kind can obstruct airflow and reduce efficiency.
  2. Unpleasant Odors: Noticing a strong, possibly smoky, and definitely unpleasant odor coming from your fireplace every time you walk by it? Does this happen even when the system is not in use? It could indicate that there is creosote buildup in the chimney.
  3. Difficulty Starting Fires: If you’re having trouble lighting a fire or keeping it burning, it could be due to a dirty fireplace. A buildup of ashes, debris, or creosote can interfere with proper ventilation, making it harder to start and maintain a fire.
  4. Smoke Backing Into the Room: If smoke is filling your room, instead of moving up and out of your chimney, clearly there’s an issue. This is typically a sign of a blocked chimney or flue, which can be caused by accumulated debris or creosote – all of which will need to be cleaned out.
  5. Reduced Heat Output: Not getting the heat or warmth you were hoping for? It could be due to a dirty or clogged chimney. A buildup of soot or creosote can insulate the firebox, preventing the heat from properly radiating into your living space.
  6. Animal Nests or Debris: If you find any animal nests, leaves, or other debris in your chimney – or if you hear chirping or scurrying in places you shouldn’t – it probably means your chimney both needs to be cleared out and that you need a new cap installed.

Your Safety Is What Matters the Most

In this industry, trying to cut corners or offer subpar care could land homeowners in a dangerous situation. A faulty fireplace can trigger creosote accumulation, chimney fires, smoke back-up, house fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and more, so it’s important to never settle for anything less than the best.

We’re proud to go above and beyond for our customers in The American Village, Oak Grove, Rocky Knoll, Suntree, Huckleberry Spring, and more because your satisfaction and safety are what matters most to us. Ready to schedule an appointment to have your chimney, fireplace, and dryer vent needs met? Simply call 919-747-1859 or reach out online today.


Our crews are often Broadway-bound, providing any and all of our chimney maintenance and repair services to this valued service community throughout the year.