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We Sell Modern Factory Built Fireplaces

Modern prefabricated (or factory built) fireplaces are made of cast iron or steel and come as whole units. What does this mean? Well, a couple things…

  1. They’re simply installed, not built.
  2. There are no brick-by-brick labor and material costs, which is a big relief for many homebuyers.

Today you’ll find see-through fireplaces and zero clearance fireplaces that make it easy to enjoy the warmth and inviting charm of a fireplace, no matter what your home setup is like. And the best thing is, you won’t need to have a new masonry chimney added because these fireplaces can be vented through a metal chimney pipe that runs right through your wall or ceiling. That’s big savings on installation time and costs.

If you’ve always wished your home had a fireplace, there’s never been a better time to make that wish come true. You can now have a beautiful, efficient, and powerful wood or gas fireplace installed in no time.

Fireplace Inserts Improve Fuel Efficiency

Like prefab fireplaces, fireplace inserts are made of cast iron or steel. The difference is that these are used in existing open fireplaces with a chimney system.

If you already have a masonry fireplace but you’re ready to say goodbye to its heat waste and inefficiency, an insert can be a great option. Inserts are known to improve fuel efficiency and heat output over a traditional masonry fireplace by capturing the energy and heating a larger surface.

As efficiency has improved, so has the stylish look of the modern day insert. If you haven’t looked at one lately, you might want to consider one if you are looking for a change.

Inserts come in many fuel types: natural gas, propane, EPA-certified wood, pellet, and coal. This will give you some options if you are ready to change the fuel type to your existing fireplace.

Free-Standing Stoves Add Heat to Big & Small Spaces

Free-standing stoves are powerful heaters that can be installed just about anywhere and vented through a wall or ceiling.

Even if you don’t have an existing stove, you can install one in most any room where you want some additional heat. A chimney is not needed, as stoves are vented through stove pipe.

There are many great stove options out there for homeowners who love the classic cast iron stove look, but more modern-looking stoves are available as well. So don’t rule out stoves as a heating option just because you have a more modern or contemporary space.

Living room corner with bookcase and couch before fireplace stove addition


Living room corner after fireplace stove addition with vent through the ceiling


Take a look at some of the installations and hearth transformations we’ve done for our clients below.

Fireplace with tile surround and white decorate mantle before fireplace insert


Fireplace with tile surround and white decorate mantle after new black fireplace insert


older, outdated fireplace insert with brick surround and white mantle before fireplace upgraded insert installation


Upgraded new fireplace insert with brick surround and white mantle after installation


Fireplace with white-washed brick surround and black screen before fireplace insert


Fireplace with white-washed brick surround and newly updated black decorative fireplace insert after installation


Why Fireplace, Insert & Stove Installation Isn’t A DIY Job

One last thing before you start shopping…With any stove, fireplace, or insert installation, you will need a qualified chimney and fireplace expert to do the work.

There are codes and standards that apply to different units, styles, and fuel sources. If you don’t know these, you can easily make a mistake that could cost you money down the line — and if it’s a big mistake, damage to your home or family.

Here at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, we put your family’s safety first. That’s why we highly encourage you to call us and let us do the “heavy lifting” for you. You can relax in knowing we are taking care of the installation and any permits or codes that need to be met. That’s our promise to you. We can even install a new gas line to your new appliance. Call today for installation expertise you can trust.

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