Why You Should Have Your Chimney Inspected

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Chimney Inspection

Every winter there are thousands of chimney fires across the US and worldwide that cause injury and death, displace families from homes, and account for millions of dollars in damages. The most important thing about chimney fires is that they’re preventable. Most chimney fires occur due to damages that haven’t been detected within the system or flammable materials in the system. If you have your chimney system cleaned and inspected regularly, it will work more safely and efficiently, bringing down the risk of fire substantially.

Chimney sweep standing on roof of home workingRoutine Maintenance
The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) agree that the safest and most efficient fireplaces are those that are cleaned regularly and inspected annually. Inspections are so important that most chimney sweep service appointments include a standard chimney inspection. CSIA inspections are essential for proper and safe function of the system, and it’s the only way to insure a professional gets a look at the interior of the system. When you hire a professional chimney sweep company for all your comprehensive chimney care, they will catch a change–even a small one–and correct it before a problem occurs. A minor problem can lead to a major hazard in no time, if it isn’t corrected.

CSIA Inspections
CSIA inspections are the industry standard for chimney diagnostics and safety. It’s important to schedule chimney inspections annually, and fall is the time. Scheduling now will give your family time to make necessary repairs before very cool weather hits. There are three levels of CSIA inspections designed to best diagnose your chimney problems:
Level One – This standard inspection is an assessment of all the readily-accessible portions of the system, including exterior masonry. It is recommended when nothing has changed with the system, there are no problems with the system, and homeowners intend to use the system in the same way.
Level Two – If there are problems with the system, if you’ve made changes to it, new installations, or repairs, or if there have been earthquakes or similar occurrences that might affect the system, you need a level two inspection. It’s also required before property is sold or transferred. This inspection includes all that in a level one as well as accessible portions by way of doors and panels, such as portions in attics and basements.
Level Three – The most thorough inspections are scheduled when a hazard is suspected or detected during a lesser-level inspection. The level three inspection is all about getting at the hazard so proper repairs can be made. This may require the removal of portions of the structure, including masonry, walls, and supports. This allows for proper diagnosis, and a level three inspection will result in repairs.

Why Schedule Now
You should schedule inspections annually so that minor damages can be repaired and your chimney can be restored to full function before you need it for cold weather. When you schedule an inspection with Mr. Smokestack, you can rest assured that the system will be ready in time. We’ll repair it in a timely manner and with work that is guaranteed.

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