Tips to Improve Fireplace Efficiency

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Chimney Maintenance

In the thick of winter is not the best time to realize you have problems with your fireplace and chimney system. The worst case scenario would be that your chimney has damage that will take time and money to repair. It may mean an insurance claim, dipping into your savings account, or more. The best case scenario may simply mean that your chimney system itself is sound, but the efficiency is down. You can bring up efficiency yourself, if your chimney system has been checked out and is a-okay.

fire in fireplaceKeep the System Clean
Even if your chimney passed the most recent inspection, you have to schedule routine sweeps in order to keep it efficient. It’s for the same reason that you continue to schedule oil changes even when your car is in immaculate condition. A clean system means optimal airflow, no flammable debris in the system, and a hotter fire. Schedule your chimney sweep now so that your January fire can be efficient, keeping you safe and warm.

Burn Only Proper Wood
Your fireplace should only burn the fuel for which it’s designed. If you have a wood fireplace, you should only burn properly seasoned firewood. That means your firewood has been cut down, cut to length, and set aside to dry before use. The wood is filled with water when it’s cut down and the process to dry this moisture can take 3-6 months. Burning wood that hasn’t dried for at least this amount of time can make the fire difficulty-to-light, lead to incomplete burns, and more particulate pollution, bringing down efficiency and dirtying the system.

Use the System Properly
Do not operate your system unless you understand how it works and how to properly use the components. For instance, using your damper can help control the flame and allow optimal air flow in the flue. This can help your fire to burn more completely and with higher temperature, pushing the exhaust up the flue with more efficiency.

Upgrade The Hearth
You don’t have to replace your entire system if you’re unhappy with your fireplace efficiency. You can make minor adjustments in order to improve your system’s performance for the long haul.
Custom Glass Doors – Adding glass doors to your fireplace can add beauty and raise efficiency by closing the unit. This can conserve and use the heat while helping the wood to burn completely.
Fireback – In some cases, your chimney expert may recommend other options such as installing a heavy sheet of metal behind the fire. This will help reflect your fire’s heat back into your room, using it for heating.
Top Mount Damper – Installing a top mount damper not only works as a chimney cap, but also prevents the loss of heated or cooled air year-round, cutting down on waste and utility costs.

There are many options to raise efficiency of your fireplace, but if your fireplace is smoking, you may need to call a professional. If the fireplace is persistently smoky or difficult to light, call a professional for diagnostics today.

Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service professionals are certified chimney sweeps who can properly assess and make necessary recommendations. If you’re having a problem with your system, don’t wait. Schedule services today that can be life-saving and save you money.

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