All About the FireGuard System

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Chimney Maintenance

At Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, we encounter every type of chimney problems every day that could be avoided. The safety of our neighbors in and around Raleigh is important to us, and that’s why we only use the best products. FireSafe Industries is a corporation involved in the research and development of chimney restoration products. FireGuard is a ceramic mortar joint and resurfacing system that can restore a damaged flue back to its full function, safely and efficiently. Let’s learn more about why we love FireGuard so much.FireGaurd System for a Masonry Chimney - Raleigh NC - Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service

Easy to Install

Our technicians are trained and certified on the proper way to install FireGuard. Since FireGuard product is installed on top of damaged liner and joints, there is no need to remove the existing liner. This means less disturbance for the home. The process of FireGuard relining usually can take place in less than a day, which means you chimney will be working again in no time.

Precise and Economical

Though there are similar products on the market, FireGuard is the only system that employs a pinpoint vibration that allows it to penetrate mortar joints and fractures while distributing the ceramic coat evenly. This fully ceramic lining system allows for relining instead of replacement of a liner–saving you time and money. It also seals the flue completely, smoothly and properly-sized, which raises the efficiency of your chimney and saves you money. Closing gaps and cracks also prevent toxic gases from escaping the flue, which prevent chemical byproducts from further damaging the masonry.

Safer and Factory Guaranteed

When you reline your flue with FireGuard, you don’t have to worry about the openings or fractures in the existing liner that may allow carbon monoxide back into your home, heat transfer to structural materials and more. The chimney liner is essential for your safety, so having a damaged liner repaired is a necessity! It also comes with a limited lifetime factory guarantee against material failure that comes with every FireGuard mortar joint repair. When you have the FireGuard resurfacing repair, it comes with a twenty year limited factory guarantee against material failure.

Call us NOW

If you’ve noticed broken clay tiles in your stove or fireplace, your liner could be damaged. Or if your masonry is hot to the touch during a fire, you may need a lining repair. Have you scheduled an inspection in the last 12 months for your chimney? You should pick up the phone and call Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service right now. We clean and assess your entire chimney system, document any damages, and create a repair plan. Call us today at 919-747-1859 or book an appointment online.

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