The Many Jobs of a Chimney Cap

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Chimney Cap

Your chimney is made of many parts. Each part of the system is very important for a safe and efficient fireplace, including your chimney cap. When it comes to your chimney cap, prevention is key. It’s small, seemingly unnoticeable, but it does a big job for your chimney. In fact, the chimney cap is one of the best preventative measures to improve the life of your chimney system. It protects your entire chimney system from top to bottom.

Chimney Caps Keep Weather Out

The Many Jobs of a Chimney Cap - Raleigh NC - Mr. Smokestack Chimney ServiceMany homeowners think that a mild climate like Raleigh, North Carolina means less chimney care and work. However, this is not true at all. Many times it’s the weather that damage an unprotected chimney. Rain and snow could invade your system without a chimney cap, and precipitation is meant to stay out. When the cap is missing, this water falls right into the flue. Once water penetrates your chimney system, it wreaks havoc and costs unnecessary amount of time and money in repairs. It also prevents you from enjoying your fireplace as efficiency drops. Prevent water damage from the start by installing a chimney cap right now.

Chimney Caps Keep Wildlife Out

Any animal that can get onto your roof can also climb into your chimney, if it isn’t protected with a chimney cap. They could even climb inside your chimney, and sometimes, they could get stuck in your chimney. This means that you will need to schedule a chimney sweep to make sure the system has no hazards before using your fireplace this fall. Animal intrusion may also result in complete blockage as animals often suffocate and die inside your chimneys. It’s important to call a professional soon, as they are the ones who decide if an animal can be safely and humanely removed or not, and they can also assess your chimney for damages.

Chimney Caps Keep Fire in Its Place

Without a cap, your fire could potentially lead to a devastating wildfire. The chimney cap is equipped with a spark arrestor to prevents hot embers from escaping your chimney. Without a cap, these sparks can travel, ignite debris on the roof and dry grass and shrubs below. This may not be a big deal in August, but waiting until burn season to have a new cap installed is risky. Sometimes it might be difficult to get an appointment during the fall, as it is busy season for our chimney professionals.

If your chimney does not have a cap, or if you haven’t had your system serviced in the last 12 months, it’s time to call a professional. Schedule the team at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, and we can get a chimney cap installed and assess your chimney before fall. Call 919-747-1859 or schedule online right now.

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