Problems With Cracked Chimney Crowns

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Chimney Crowns

There are some problems that can occur with your chimney system even when it’s not in use. Perhaps the off-season is the time when you should pay the most attention to your chimney. When you’re busy burning fires through the winter, that you don’t notice the obvious signs of a problem. If you haven’t scheduled your annual chimney inspection or routine chimney sweep, now is the time to act–especially if you don’t regularly assess your chimney’s function through the year.

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Out of Sight and Out of Mind

Oftentimes, the most overlooked and neglected parts of the chimney system are those that are out of sight. Most homeowners either forget that the hidden parts of the chimney exist or assume they’re okay. The fact is that while the inside of the chimney is abused and worn down by fire and heat, the exterior of the chimney is battered by time and the elements. A full year of seasonal weather can do a number on your chimney crown, and a homeowner will never see it. The chimney crown is important for chimney health and longevity because it keeps water out. Water wreaks havoc on masonry, can cause expensive damage, lower efficiency, and raise fire risk during burning season.

Chimney Crown Diagnosis

Even a well-constructed chimney crown can become damaged over time. Cracks in the chimney crown can result in water damage and will grow over time until the crown becomes a dangerous hazard. When homeowners schedule routine services for their chimneys, a chimney sweeping company is better able to diagnose a new problem. Companies that have expert masons on staff can even identify problem areas and weaknesses in the crown before damage occurs. With an early diagnosis, a professional can salvage the existing crown and even strengthen it, or recast a crown completely when serious damage has occurred.

Chimney Crown Repair

Sometimes a chimney crown is constructed incorrectly and water doesn’t run off as it should. When this happens, the crown can develop cracks and becomes worn or weak in certain areas. At Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service we put our customer’s safety and comfort first, and we also want to save you unnecessary costs. That is why our technicians are experienced in chimney crown repair. We can repair the chimney crown, filling the cracks and gaps, restoring the necessary slope for water runoff, and finish with a waterproof sealant that will protect it from reoccurrence. This sealant is specially designed for chimney use, creating a waterproof membrane that still allows vapors to escape.

The first step in chimney diagnosis, damage prevention, and repair is to call the professionals. Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service is proud to offer the best services and professionalism in the Raleigh, NC area. We know the weather, municipal regulations, and our customers. Call us today or use our online scheduling tool and let us know how we can help you.

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