Is It Time for a New Chimney Crown?

by | May 17, 2019 | Chimney Crowns

The two most neglected parts of the fireplace system are the firebox and the chimney crown. The firebox endures the highest heat for the longest amounts of time. The crown endures precipitation, sunshine, and freezing and thawing temperatures day after day, year after year. Just like the firebox needs repairs occasionally, so does the crown—even a well-constructed one. Does your crown need attention? Does it need a repair or should it be replaced completely? We can help you determine the severity of your chimney crown damage and make a plan for repair that will get the crown back to safe and efficient function.

A Well-Made Crownchimney tech repairing crown

Many chimney sweeps will purposely cut corners when constructing the chimney crown. Cutting costs with the same look becomes a problem when it becomes damaged after a short time. A properly-constructed crown should be made of concrete, not mortar. It should be four inches thick at its thinnest edge and should extend from the flue opening to the chimney edge, and overhand by two inches to help water run off and drip instead of running down the masonry itself. When the chimney crown is made of mortar, any other material, or isn’t properly reinforced, it will become damaged by water, sunlight, and time. A damaged crown can quickly lead to other damage throughout the rest of the home and unexpected repairs and costs along the way!

The Crown Protects Against Water

If your chimney crown becomes damaged, water from rain, ice, and snow has a direct shot into the chimney system. When water is allowed into the system it can cause malfunctioning parts, rust, stain, and mold, as well as other water damage throughout the home. You may start with a damaged masonry crown, but you will end up with much more damage than you planned for. Make sure your chimney is completed protected from water by making sure all the parts are doing their job.

We Inspect & Repair

If your crown has damage, whether big gaps or small cracks, we can fix it. We seal the crown with an industrial product that fills gaps and cracks and restores the surface as if the damage never existed. When we fix the chimney crown, we restore the slant and make sure water and debris will fall away from the flue and away from the brick. This keeps the flue and the masonry from taking on water.

Not sure your chimney crown has a problem? Schedule a chimney crown inspection with Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service today. We will detect any problems, damage, or defects and will recommend a solution that will get your system working perfectly by this fall. Need a standard chimney inspection? If you haven’t had your chimney inspected in the last twelve months, call us today!

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