When it comes to chimneys, you can’t do much better than a well-constructed, well-maintained masonry chimney. It’s just as important to have a chimney professional who knows your chimney system and how to maintain and repair it.

At Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, we commonly see flue damage caused by constant fireplace use, winter weather, and other problems that were not caught in time to prevent damage. We hate to see our customers stuck with a big bill and a big repair because something minor wasn’t caught in time. We perform routine preventative services that can help prevent these problems. Through a chimney sweep or inspection, for instance, we might catch mortar joint problems or see a need to resurface the flue. This is when FireGuard comes in.

FireGuard Chimney Repair Systemsooty stone fireplace in a home

FireGuard has the highest temperature rating in the industry and costs less than a relining. When using this product properly, the area of the flue doesn’t decrease and performance will not diminish. We can install FireGuard in less than one day with little disturbance to the inside of the home. FireGuard mortar joint repairs come with a limited, lifetime factory guarantee against material failure, and a 25-year, limited, factory guarantee against material failure is provided with resurfacing repair.

Trust Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service

When your flue liner is fractured and your mortar joints are missing or damaged, we can help. Using FireGuard, we restore your chimney back to full function, safety, and efficiency.
FireGuard is Easy to Install
Our technicians are trained and certified on proper installation. We do this without removing the existing liner, cutting cost and installation time while disturbing the home and family less with this repair.
FireGuard is Precise and Economical
The pinpoint vibration used only by FireGuard allows the mortar to penetrate joints and fractures evenly. This system allows for full repair and restoration while sealing the flue completely, raising the efficiency of the system and saving you money.
FireGuard is Safer and Factory Guaranteed
The use of FireGuard means you don’t have to worry about openings in the flue which may put your family at risk. A damaged flue means carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases may affect the breathable air in the home. It may also allow heat to affect supports and other materials in the structure of the house. You don’t have to worry about flue damage after using FireGuard.

When to Call the Pros

It’s time to call the professionals if you see evidence of a damaged liner. This may be very obvious such as broken clay pieces inside the fireplace. It may also be subtle signs. For instance, if your chimney masonry is extremely hot to the touch, the liner may have a problem. We may also find during a routine chimney sweep or inspection that there is a problem with the flue. These appointments are important and may save your property and your life. If you haven’t scheduled your spring sweep or annual inspection, schedule with us today!