Springtime Fireplace Maintenance

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Springtime Maintenance

It’s finally spring, which is always more than welcome here in Raleigh where we experience chilly winters. For many homeowners, springtime is associated with lawn care, garden maintenance, and an endless list of outdoor projects that are best done in warmer weather.

And chimney care? Well, that’s usually put on the back burner until fall comes back around and things cool off.

Unfortunately, that line of thinking can put families in a tight spot when the start of their burning season comes back around. That’s why we always recommend investing in an inspection and any repairs sooner rather than later.

Why Springtime Inspections?

So, why is springtime the recommended time for chimney inspections?

First of all, it’ll save you stress. In the fall, everyone tends to get the same idea – a fire would be nice! Which means we get an influx of calls from homeowners scrambling to get maintenance booked, and you could find yourself waiting much longer than expected to start your burning season.

But if you book now? Easy peasy. No wait, and you’ll easily be able to book a spot that’s convenient with your schedule.

Springtime Fireplace Maintenance - Raleigh NC - Mr. Smokestack springAnother benefit of scheduling now is that we’ll have plenty of time to address any repairs, replacement parts, and rebuilds or restorations. Imagine getting your inspection done and completed only to realize you have to schedule even more services before safely putting your system to use. That means it’s back to the calendar – and you’ll likely be waiting weeks before finding a time that works.

On top of all that, it’s actually better for your chimney when we’re able to complete our repairs in warmer weather. Many of them require the use of products that need to cure in a specific temperature. If done in winter, they may work as a temporary fix (to get you through the burning season), but you’ll need further maintenance completed again come spring.

Have you been noticing some bad odors coming from your system as temperatures rise? This is another reason we recommend springtime maintenance. An inspection will reveal the cause of the odors (likely creosote or water-related issues), so that we can resolve them promptly.

In the end, wouldn’t you rather enter the cooler months knowing your system is all set and ready for use whenever you’d like to enjoy a fire? While your neighbors are wishing they booked earlier, you’ll be enjoying warm flames with a cup of your favorite hot beverage. Can’t beat that.

Need Some Updates?

Springtime is also an ideal time to invest in any updates you’ve been putting off. Since your system isn’t typically put to use once temperatures increase, this is the perfect time for an upgrade.

For some this may mean investing in some new components, like a more reliable chimney cap or a new energy-saving damper.

And for others it could mean an entirely new fireplace! We install prefab units, gas systems, fireplace retro-fits, and high-quality wood-burning systems, so whatever you’ve set your mind on, we’re certain we can help.

And if you’re interested in upping your backyard game? We’ve got you covered there, too, with our selection of outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and grills.

Need Leak Repairs & Waterproofing?

Now, upgrades and updates aside, the issues that usually come about this time of have to do with spring rains. If you need leak repairs completed, don’t put them off! The more water damage you face, the worse off your system will be, and it won’t be long before affordable and easy fixes turn into big, expensive repair jobs.

Springtime Fireplace Maintenance - Raleigh NC - Mr. Smokestack rain roofWe also urge homeowners to invest in preventative measures to avoid further damages down the line. This means things like investing in a properly and professionally fitted chimney cap, ensuring your crown is built from appropriate materials, scheduling necessary flashing repairs, and having waterproofing services completed.

Have birds or other critters set up camp in your flue? Tis the season… fortunately, we can help with all of that, too. We’ve removed a wide range of animals from chimneys all over the Raleigh and Durham area, and can help you out, too. And after, we can set you up right to ensure no creatures come back down the line.

Why Choose Us?

We know you’ve got choices when it comes to care. So… why choose us?

  • We’re certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)
  • We’re members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG)
  • Our customers consistently give us positive, 5-star reviews
  • We’re highly experienced and have been in the business since 2008
  • We use the highest-quality materials and products available
  • We always put you first, treat you right, and listen to any of your concerns, questions, and inquiries along the way
  • We value continuing education, remembering that we’re in an industry that’s ever-evolving – and we love educating our customers, too!

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