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Ready to improve countless mealtime experiences, wow your family and neighbors, and enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor living space? Then, it’s time to invest in the outdoor grill you’ve always dreamed of.

There are, of course, many benefits involved with owning a grill…

First of all, they offer a convenient way to cook food fast, and there’s no denying that meals off the grill offer a taste that’s impossible to replicate.

Grilling is often deemed a healthier way to cook as well. Fried food is delicious, but there’s no denying there is a lot more fat, grease, and calories involved in the process.

Grilling offers the best of both worlds, ensuring you get extraordinary flavor — only without all that unhealthy stuff.

Even better, you can throw more than just steaks, burgers, and other cuts of meat on there. Many grill veggies, seafood, or even pizza! The possibilities are truly endless.

Best of all, a grill lets you enjoy the outdoors with friends and family, while cooking up some great food at the same time. You won’t have to be trapped in a hot kitchen while everyone else is enjoying the beautiful day… bring your culinary skills to them, so you don’t miss a thing!

guys enjoying outdoor grilling at night

Charcoal Vs. Gas: What’s Best For Me?

So, you know a new grill is in the stars for you, but if you’re like many, you may find yourself having trouble deciding between gas and charcoal.

Both have some pretty great advantages, so it’s hard to go wrong either way — but you may find that one better suits your specific needs and preferences better than the other.

Learn about some of the main differences between the two below.

primo bbg grill with food and wine around the grill

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal set-ups are known for creating a flavor that’s hard to replicate with any other type of grill. They require a bit more time and prep work than their gas-fueled counterparts, but many feel that it’s the only way to get that one-of-a-kind taste that so many crave.

Not to mention, loading up the charcoal, waiting for the coals to heat up, and arranging your food just right is a much-loved process for tons of our customers. Some savor the quiet time outside and feel charcoal offers an experience that can’t be beat.

primo go outdoor cooking grill

Primo GO

Primo Kamado Grill

Primo Kamado

Primo JD Oval XL Grill

Primo Oval XL 400 Jack Daniels Edition

Gas Grills

Looking for something a little faster and less involved? Then, why not look into a gas-fueled unit? Gas grills are popular due to their ease of- use and their ability to fire up quickly.

Setting the temperature to your exact needs is no problem, and once that’s done you’re ready to grill! That means less time, less work, and more control — allowing you the chance to enjoy your evening to the fullest.

Primo Oval G 420 Gas Grill

Inside view of primo oval G 420 Gas Grill
Front view of Primo Oval G 420 Gas Grill
back view of primo oval g 420 gas grill

If you love to throw get-togethers and want to ensure you have the maximum amount of time to socialize, prep side dishes and snacks, and entertain, then gas may be the best bet for you. You simply can’t beat that level of efficiency!

And here’s some great news: If you want to have gas run directly to your grill (and you already have gas in your home), then our experienced team of pros can get the job done for you.



Choose From the Very Best Gas + Charcoal Grills Right Here at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service

Once you’ve decided on the right fuel for you, it’s time to start shopping. Here at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, you’ll find the finest gas and charcoal grills from Primo — an industry leader known for creating remarkable grills in a variety of sizes.

Whether you’re interested in lots of grilling space, a big prep area, a great rack system, or the latest in temperature control, Primo grills will always deliver.

If it’s charcoal you’ve decided on, then check out the Jack Daniel’s Edition Oval XL 400, the Primo Oval XL 400, the Primo Oval LG 300, the Primo Oval JR 200, or the Primo Kamado All-In-One. There’s no way you won’t find the perfect fit for your preferences.

If it’s a gas unit you’re after, then the Primo Oval G 420 is the grill you need in your life. Its sturdy, ceramic shell offers top-notch insulation, ensuring your meat doesn’t lose any of its natural moisture and dry out. Plus, you can choose from a long list of accessories (such as a baking stone, rib and extension racks, thermometers, grill covers, and more) to ensure your grilling experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Ready to explore your options and get cooking? We’re here to help! Reach out to our knowledgeable crew members now. There’s no reason to put it off any longer – your ideal grill is just a simple phone call away! Call 919-747-1859 or reach out online today.

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