Hearing Noises in The Walls? Call Us About Animal Removal

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Animals in Chimney

We’re deep into winter now and people and animals are moving indoors. You might have heard of animals being stuck in the chimney, but what about when they come through the chimney? At Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, we periodically see animal intrusion in the spring, when critters and birds move into chimneys to nest. In many cases, these animals need professional removal to keep your chimney from damages. Likewise, when we suspect an animal inside the walls or ceilings, you should also call the professionals to remove the animal humanely and without extra damage to your home.

Signs of Animal Intrusion

raccoon The most common sign that an animal is inside the home is hearing noises. When you hear noises inside the walls, ceilings, or fireplace, you can assume there is something in there. The most common noises include scratching and squealing. Other signs include animal droppings and urine. Feces piled in areas of the home most definitely require your attention immediately. Droppings of animals carry bacteria and produce unwelcome odors in the home. Foul odors are the next obvious signs of animal intrusion. In some cases, these odors indicate that an animal has died inside your walls or ceilings. These odors can run you out of the house in no time, it’s very important to address them in a timely manner!

Humane Removal

At Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, we are professionals, and we remove wildlife from homes humanely. Using poisons or traps only harm animals and sometimes even kill them, which leave them trapped in the home to cause disguising odors. We are experts in this area of business, and we know all the common entry points and places where animals hide and nest.

Prevention is Key

Just like chimney or home issues, prevention is key. Many issues can be prevented in the first place when homeowners take extra precaution from the start. When our professionals remove animals from your home, and we ensure that they never find a way into your home ever again. Using screens, common entry points are blocked, holes are repaired, and spaces are filled.

As chimney professionals, we also make sure the flue is closed to visitors. A chimney cap should have metal mesh sides, which prevents animal entry. If the cap is dislodged or damaged in any way, small animals or birds can get inside your chimney. If you suspect an animal in your chimney or fireplace, close the glass doors or damper tightly to prevent them from leaving the chimney. Then you should give us a call right away so that we can remove them.

Call the experts at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, and you’ll have your home back to yourself in no time. We specialize in wildlife removal services. Call 919-747-1859 or request an appointment online for your convenience.

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