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Greensboro, NC is abundant with lush green foliage in the form of gorgeous public parks, gardens, and even an arboretum. But, despite all the gorgeous landscaping, this vibrant city did not receive its name from the bounty of emerald spaces it is home to. Its actual namesake? Revolutionary War General, Nathanael Greene.

No stranger to historical events, Greensboro is also considered to be one of the birthplaces of the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, visitors can check out the International Civil Rights Center & Museum and see original artifacts from important moments in our country’s past – the most notable of which is the Woolworth counter (restored and preserved in its original location) where several Black students demonstrated a sit-in after being denied lunch service in 1960.

Whether you’re a history buff looking to explore the city’s oldest and most treasured theaters and museums, or you’d rather spend the day at a ball game, Greensboro has something everyone can appreciate. And while our pleasantly mild climate makes activities such as these exceptionally enjoyable, sometimes you just want to lounge around at home in front of the fire. That’s where we come in.  

Mr. Smokestack has been the preferred chimney service provider in the greater Raleigh/Durham, NC area for well over a decade. So, no matter if it’s intensive repairs or full-system fireplace maintenance you’re looking for, the talented team of technicians here at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service are the ones to call.

We’re proud to serve our neighbors in Greensboro, but we also travel to other nearby communities in and around Guilford County, too: High Point, McLeansville, Oak Ridge, Sedalia, Pleasant Garden, Liberty, and Alamanace, just to name a few. 

You could take to Google and sort through tons of search results for “fireplace inspection near me” or “chimney services Raleigh, NC,” or you could save the time and effort and call Mr. Smokestack instead. Reach us over the phone at 919-747-1859, or fill out this appointment request form right here through our website to get started.

Why Choose Mr. Smokestack for Your Greensboro Chimney Sweep?

So, aside from our clever company name, why should you trust us to come out and take care of your chimney maintenance and repair needs? Well, for a lot of reasons. We’re friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, highly trained, and passionate about what we do. Unlike a lot of other chimney service “companies,” we’re not in the business to make a quick buck off a subpar service job. But, it’s more than that. We’re also…

  • ….licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about any liabilities when we’re working on your property.
  • …dedicated to further education, so you know you’re getting the best, safest, and most up-to-date products and information.
  • …committed to striking a balance between your dream vision and your family’s safety, so you can trust that we care about you and your stylistic input.
  • …honest and trustworthy, so you never have to fear that you’re being taken for a ride – when it comes to our services or our pricing.
  • …communicative and intentional with our customer relationships, so you can feel like an integral part of the whole process.

Want to learn more about us, our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technicians, or any of the products or services we’re proud to offer Greensboro-area residents? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with someone from our team – no matter where you are in your search for hearth care, maintenance services, or repairs. Call us at 919-747-1859 or fill out this form on our website and someone will get back with you shortly. We’d love to see how we can best serve you!

What Chimney Maintenance & Repair Services Do We Provide in the Greensboro Area?

We’re glad you asked. Considering we are a full-service chimney maintenance, repair, and service company, we do it all. Routine, preventive services like inspections and chimney cleanings? Check. Full or partial system rebuild? You bet. Troubleshoot strange system behavior to restore optimal functioning? Yep; we do that, too. 

By and large, our services can be divided into two categories: Chimney & Venting and Restoration & Installation. Here’s a list of everything that falls under these umbrellas:

Chimney & Venting 

Restoration & Installation

Overwhelmed yet? Not even sure where or how to begin? We understand – there’s a surprising amount of “stuff” that goes into this industry! Fortunately, though, that’s what our team members are here for: to provide these much needed services, yes, but also to answer your questions and address any concerns…before we even begin the process. Get in touch with us over the phone at 919-747-1859, or online by filling out our appointment request form. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.

How Do You Know When Your Chimney Needs To Be Cleaned or Serviced?

Honestly, that is a tough question to clearly and succinctly answer. While there are certainly signs that indicate a need for immediate attention, in many different instances, it’s not always obvious when your fireplace and chimney system is suffering and requiring a little bit of TLC. That’s why industry leaders like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the CSIA require homeowners to schedule both a chimney inspection and cleaning each and every year – regardless of use and performance history.

When you create a maintenance schedule – and more importantly, stay on top of it – you’re taking a proactive approach that will ensure your heating appliance performs at its best and provides your home with heat for as many years as possible. Prevention is usually preferred across all aspects of life, but this is especially true for the care and keeping of fireplaces and other alternative flame-producing hearth systems. Without a regular service schedule, you could run the risk of operating an unsafe appliance that leaves your family (and home) susceptible to a variety of dangers. Trust us, it’s just better to speak with a professional about establishing a routine, so you never have to wonder when your last chimney sweep was. 

That said, there are some telltale signs that your fireplace, insert, or stove is in distress and desperate for a professional look-over:

  • Strange sounds and/or other signs of wildlife presence.
  • Visible water damage such as stains on the ceiling or surrounding walls, pooling in the firebox, or efflorescence on the outside of the structure.
  • Unpleasant odors such as mold/mildew or a smoky campfire.
  • Excessive smoke production or other issues with proper drafting, such as trouble lighting a fire or keeping one lit.
  • Different, strange, or inefficient behavior and/or performance.

Keep in mind, each and every hearth is as unique as the home it’s been installed in. So, while these are generally universal symptoms, it’s always possible for variation in the presentation, frequency, and reason behind their presence. Remember, also, that this is not exhaustive in any way; just because your fireplace isn’t exhibiting these specific symptoms, if you feel that something is off or different from normal performance, it probably is.

Never use a fireplace, stove, insert, or any other appliance that is behaving strangely – give the pros at Mr. Smokestack a call at 919-747-1859 and we’ll schedule a time to check it out. Prefer to keep it online for now? Fill out this appointment request form and someone from our team will get back with you as soon as possible.

We just had the installers at Mr Smokestack get our previously non-operational gas fireplace up and running with a beautiful new set of logs and blower. We give Drew and Logan the highest of marks for doing a great job! They were professional, courteous and very knowledgeable, and gave us thorough instructions on the use and operation of our new equipment. Excellent work! Thank you!

– Jo A.

Want to Learn More? Give Us a Call & Get Started Today!

Whether you’re on the hunt for a brand new appliance or it’s simply time to take care of some hearth maintenance to-dos, Mr. Smokestack is the place to call for reliable chimney service near Greensboro, NC and beyond. Why spend hours skimming through Google’s results for “chimney services near me,” “Greensboro chimney services,” and “chimney sweep Greensboro, NC,” when you can call us and schedule an appointment in a fraction of the time? 

No matter if you live directly in Greensboro proper, or your home is closer to Jamestown, Summerfield, Kernersville, Climax, Julian, Stokesdale, or somewhere else nearby, the team of chimney experts here at Mr. Smokestack would love to be your go-to chimney and venting specialist. Get started today by filling out this form on our website, or give us a call at 919-747-1859. We look forward to working with you.


Winston-Salem adds its own touch of vitality to our beautiful state and it is well-appreciated by us as a unique part of our service territory.