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by | Apr 25, 2023 | Chimney Leaks

On any given day in America, 14,000 people are affected by water damage emergencies in their home. While there are many ways water can find its way into the home, one of the main culprits is through your chimney – and left unnoticed and unrepaired, the damage done by a chimney leak can be devastating to both your home and your bank account. In fact, just one inch of water in your home costs an average of $11,000 to repair.

If you notice that your chimney is leaking it’s important to get to the root of the problem quickly before a small problem turns into a big headache. Mr. Smokestack has been solving chimney and fireplace problems for over 12 years, and our experienced eyes know where to look for leaks and how to fix them. If you need care, rely on us!

What Causes Chimney Leaks?

yellow water stains on a white wall🌧️ Flashing Damage

At the junction where your roof meets your chimney a metal material is installed. This is called flashing, and its job is to seal off that area and make it impenetrable to water. The intersection of your chimney and your roof is a naturally vulnerable place for leaks, as you have two different materials coming together. Your flashing and its health can mean the difference between a perfectly dry roof, or an annoying leaky chimney.

Because rain and debris are regularly bombarding your flashing, over time it can become worn, damaged, and unable to properly do the difficult job of keeping water out. When this happens, leaks can easily spring up where the flashing is failing, causing water damage to your home and staining on your walls.

Make sure that your flashing is regularly inspected by the eyes of professionals like ours here at Mr. Smokestack. We’ll ensure that your flashing is in top shape and sending water to the gutters where it belongs.

🌧️ Missing/Broken Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are one of the first lines of defense against water. Your chimney has to do two very important things – the first is to allow the byproducts of burning like smoke and soot to quickly and safely escape your home, and the second is to make sure that water is unable to enter. The chimney cap is the cover that sits atop your chimney that makes sure both of these things are possible.

A strong properly-sized and durable chimney cap is important for many reasons. Blowing debris, like sticks and leaves, are kept out of your chimney flue, animals are unable to get inside, and – yes – water is deterred… all because of one simple component. 

If you notice that your chimney cap is bent, cracked, damaged, or missing, it is vital that you have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Mr. Smokestack offers a team of highly skilled technicians that can get this done for you at a much lower cost than the damage that can be caused by chimney leaks.

🌧️ Broken Down Crown

Sitting atop your chimney is your chimney crown – a cement slab that covers the chimney stack. It works with your chimney cap to keep water and debris from penetrating your chimney flue, and it prevents water from damaging the sides of your structure too. But because of its constant exposure to the elements, your crown is another element of your chimney that is vulnerable to wear.

Damage to a chimney crown isn’t always easy to spot. At first it may only appear as a small crack. If left on its own without repair, though, that crack can turn into a big problem. Water can get into your chimney and cause a leak that is costly.

Have your chimney inspected for this sort of damage before it becomes a problem.

🌧️ Damaged Masonry

Like your chimney crown, masonry can crack and deteriorate due to exposure to rain. While it looks very solid, brick and mortar will actually absorb water and hold it with tiny pores located within. Water contains dissolved oxygen and can corrode brick and mortar, and masonry is made up of various natural minerals that will dissolve in water over time.

As water weakens your brick and mortar chimney it can find ways inside your home. Like your chimney crown, if not addressed quickly, small damages can become huge problems. Mr. Smokestack is ready to help you stop the problems before they start by regularly inspecting your chimney for you. Our trained eyes can spot weaknesses before they get out of hand.

a masonry chimney against a blue sky🌧️ No Waterproofing

Waterproofing your chimney seals your masonry, so that water cannot penetrate it. This protects it from dissolving the natural minerals found in brick and mortar. A professional waterproofing job will strengthen your structure and keep it strong for years and protecting your investment.

Waterproofing also prevent water from getting absorbed and causing damage with the freeze/thaw process.

It’s important to have waterproofing done by a professional. Amateur waterproofing jobs are done with chemicals and products that will trap moisture inside bricks and cause pressure to build up under the sealants. This actually means that more harm is done than good. Mr. Smokestack will use vapor-permeable products that keep water out and let moisture evaporate.

Trust Our Experts With Your Leaky Chimney

Get your leaky chimney fixed now. Our experts can get to the source of your leaking problems, repair them, and help you keep them from happening in the future. Call us today at 919-747-1859 an inspection or book online with us – we’re here for you.

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