How to Protect Your Chimney Against Water

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Chimney Leaks

As spring fast approaches, some homes are not prepared for the heavy rains. One way to ensure you are prepared is a chimney inspection. A routine inspection catches problems in their early stage before they lead to more serious damage.

Protecting Your Chimney from Water Damage - Raleigh NC - Mr. Smokestack Chimney ServiceDid You Know?

A leak in your home is most likely caused from a chimney leak. Leaks cause problems throughout your entire home, not just in the chimney system. The issues water causes within the chimney itself are numerous and very serious. They could also lead to costly repairs if they are not caught soon enough.

Water and Your Chimney

Water entering your chimney is a recipe for disaster. Learn more about its effects, prevention, and the damage it causes.

  • Freeze/Thaw Effect
    When water is allowed into minor cracks in the masonry, they can quickly become major problems. This happens when water fills the spaces. As the temperatures drop, the water to freezes and expands. As it expands, the masonry is broken apart bit by bit. When the temperature warms again, the water melts, moving further into the damaged masonry and repeating the process throughout the season.
  • Rusted Parts
    Humidity itself can play a part in causing rust, but when water is allowed inside the chimney, it can deteriorate parts of your system. A rusted damper assembly, for instance, may become stuck in an open or closed position, making it dangerous to use your stove. Your door hinges and even your firebox may also take on rust, which weakens the parts while becoming an eyesore.
  • Unpleasant Odors
    As you begin to use your fireplace or stove less as temperatures warm, a wet chimney will begin to stink. At first you may notice that it smells like the rest of the rain-soaked world, but will soon notice the musty barbecue smell. This is also the time your chimney is a great home for new bacteria!
  • Damaged Walls, Floors, and Ceilings
    When you have a a chimney leak, it can ruin walls, ceilings, and floors. Water will run inside the structure, reaching the lowest point and forming a leak. The leak may be in a completely different room . Regardless of where the leak becomes noticeable, call a chimney sweep. A general contractor can repair the damage, but a chimney expert can stop the leak!

Professional Waterproofing

Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service technicians are trained and experienced in chimney waterproofing services in the Raleigh/Durham area. We know the area, municipal codes, and the climate.

The waterproofing agent we use at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service doesn’t change the look of your chimney whatsoever. Your masonry will still allow vapors and heat out, but water will not get in.

We also provide other services to insure water doesn’t get into the system other ways:

  • Chase cover repair and replacement
  • Cap installation and replacement
  • Crown repair and replacement
  • Flashing installation and repair
  • Mortar replacement/masonry repairs

When you’re ready to schedule chimney waterproofing services, we can get it done in no time! Give us a call today!

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