Mr. Smokestack Inspects the Governor’s Chimneys

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Chimney Inspection

Preserving History: The Governor’s Mansion

North Carolina Map - Raleigh NC - Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service

This month, Mr. Smokestack was given the amazing opportunity to conduct the chimney and fireplace inspections at the Governor’s Mansion here in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The mansion, which was completed in 1891, is home to seven chimneys and six fireplaces. Because the fireplaces and chimneys have not been in use, they were not in need of sweeping. They did, however, need to be thoroughly inspected for safety and future use.

In our experience, it is incredibly rare to come across chimneys and fireplaces of that age. It is even rarer to come across chimneys and fireplaces of that age that are structurally sound. Considering that the Governor’s Mansion is over one hundred and twenty years old, we were astonished at the excellent condition of the fireplaces and chimneys.

In order to conduct the inspections, a one hundred and fifty foot lift was needed to allow us access to all necessary areas. During our inspections, we noticed that all seven chimneys needed a new crown coat, and have since repaired five of the seven chimneys.

Overall, the experience was an unforgettable one, and the décor, design, and upkeep of the Governor’s Mansion were second to none. We feel incredibly blessed to have been chosen to help preserve such a beautiful part of our history.

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