Different Types of Chimney Caps

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When thinking about your chimney, what may first come to mind is that brick and mortar stack on the roof of your house. …but what about that metal unsung hero perched on top of the chimney?

That is your chimney cap, and while it might look small and insignificant, it is actually doing a number of very important jobs.

So why are these little pieces of equipment so important? What do they do? What kinds of chimney caps are there? At Mr. Smokestack, we are experts in everything chimney – and we know our chimney caps. Let us answer those questions for you, after which you’ll never overlook your chimney cap again.

The Job of the Mighty Chimney Cap

So why are these components so admirable? Here are some of the jobs they do to keep your chimney in top shape.

1. Defense against moisture

rain falling off a roof with a tree in the backgroundRaindrops falling on your head makes for a great lyric in a song, but let’s face it – raindrops are no fun at all when they’re falling down your chimney.

Moisture is any chimney’s worst enemy. Water that gets trapped in the natural pores of your masonry can start the freeze/thaw process. (This is when, as temperatures drop, the water turns to ice, expands, and pushes against the pores it is trapped in, causing cracking, eroding, crumbling, and an unstable structure.) And in warmer weather, water can eat away at chimney parts causing metals to oxidize and rust – and even work its way into your home causing leaks, mold, and structural damage.

Fear not, however, because your chimney cap works with other parts of your chimney system to push water away from the chimney, keeping it dry and safe for the long haul. If your chimney cap is missing, bent, broken, or just looks out of place, call us here at Mr. Smokestack to help you get it back to working order before these water problems turn into bank account problems.

2. Defense against debris 

Because of the location of your chimney, it is susceptible to flying debris, such as twigs, sticks, and leaves. Once these things find their way into your chimney exhaust flue, they can become a big problem, clogging the passage that is meant for smoke and harmful fumes to pass through. And sometimes when it builds up it can cause chimney fires that lead to costly damage. Your chimney cap is built to prevent debris from getting in, while still letting the smoke and fumes get out.

Our experts at Mr. Smokestack are trained and equipped to deal with chimneys when they don’t work properly. If you have smoke entering your home, call us today and let us help you get that fixed, so you can enjoy your fireplace and chimney the way they were intended.

3. Defense against animals

If you were a squirrel or raccoon looking to build a home, what would you be looking for? A place that is dry? A place that is warm? A place that is protected against the elements and larger prey? Hmmm, that sounds an awful lot like the inside of a chimney. 

Of course, squirrels, birds, and other animals that get into a chimney can cause a lot of damage, as well as clog up the system with the bits of nature that they drag in with them. This becomes dangerous for the animal, the chimney, the home, and the people living in it. A properly-fitted and well-designed chimney cap will prevent animals from getting in which is just better for everyone…including the animal.

Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service provides expert wildlife removal services. As chimney care professionals, we know all of the common hiding places and the most vulnerable spots for animals to gain access to your home or attic. If you are having an issue with wildlife intrusion, we will do a complete assessment of the chimney for your wood stove or fireplace to determine the best solution to keeping the unwanted animals out.

Are There Different Types of Chimney Caps?

There are chimney caps for every chimney. Here are the various types of caps that are available to you:

  1. white chimney with a shiny, metal single flue capSingle-Flue Caps: Like little hats for your chimney a single-flue cap is small and perfect for chimneys with only one flue. They are affordable and add a finishing touch to the look of your chimney, all while keeping it better protected in the process.
  2. Multi-Flue Caps: If you have multiple flues exiting your home, these caps are designed to fit over them all with only one installation. They are a great alternative to multiple single-flue caps and, because they can be designed to fit over your specific chimney size, they look great as well.
  3. Outside Mount Caps: These caps are wider and attached to the exterior of your chimney. They extend beyond the edges of your chimney crown, which gives extra protection to your chimney against rain. If you are in an area with average or above average rainfall, these caps might be the answer for your moisture problems.
  4. Specialty Caps: Some homes need a unique cap for a unique circumstance. Specialty caps are designed with enhanced functions that serve homeowners’ specific needs and desires. These unique designs can help with things like wind-related chimney draft problems or architectural requirements.
  5. Full-Coverage Caps: These caps fit over the entire top of your chimney. They are generally your best value because they offer the most protection, while still remaining affordable. They don’t sacrifice on aesthetics, either, as they are built to fit perfectly with your home’s design.

We’re the Experts – Count On Us

Mr. Smokestack is your local chimney expert. If you’re in Raleigh, Durham, or anywhere else in our surrounding areas, call us today or reach out online, so that we can help you make sure you have the perfect cap for your chimney and your home.

Thanks for trusting us.

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