Custom Glass Fireplace Doors Can Help You Save Energy

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Heating Efficiency

Custom Glass Fireplace Doors - Raleigh NC - Mr Smokestack Chimney ServiceIf you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home, it can be very helpful to know the secrets behind making that fireplace function as efficiently and effectively as possible. Everyone wants to save money and energy, and certain things you can do such as burning only seasoned firewood can go a long way to increase the efficiency of your fireplace. Another way to save energy when burning a wood fire is to install glass fireplace doors in front of your fireplace. However, not every fireplace can be fitted with the typical glass fireplace doors that you can buy at the big box discount stores. Mr. Smokestack can help you if you are in this situation. We make and install custom glass fireplace doors that can really help you save energy when you use your fireplace. We would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get from customers about custom glass fireplace doors.

How can custom glass fireplace doors save energy?

These doors provide another seal to your fireplace that prevents outside air from coming in your home and inside air from exiting out through the chimney. This allows your fireplace to work more efficiently and saves both energy and money. Keeping your custom glass fireplace doors shut keeps you from wasting money on heated or cooled indoor air that escapes out of your living space, but  does recommend opening these doors when your fire is hot and has a mass of glowing heat to enjoy the full benefit of radiant heat.

Why would I need custom glass fireplace doors?

If your fireplace is a unique size, you may need custom glass fireplace doors to ensure an airtight seal of your fireplace. Stock fireplace doors often are only available in just a few sizes, so if your fireplace opening is unique, it may be too large or too small for standard glass fireplace doors to properly fit your fireplace. The shape of your fireplace opening may also cause stock fireplace doors to not be a perfect fit as these doors are typically made to fit perfect squares. If you have found a style of glass fireplace doors you like but are having issues with the doors fitting your fireplace, you can show Mr. Smokestack so that we can make and install custom glass fireplace doors in a similar style. Our professional installation services will guarantee that your new doors fit perfectly and create an airtight seal to help save energy and make your fireplace work more efficiently.

Looking for the perfect glass fireplace doors to fit your fireplace? Contact Mr. Smokestack to find out more about our custom glass fireplace doors services.

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