Artificial Firelogs: Good or Bad for Your Fireplace?

by | Feb 11, 2015 | Artificial Firelogs

Sometimes the chores of having a wood-burning fireplace can get old. People get tired of carrying in firewood and sweeping up ashes; however, they still love having a wood-burning fire. A more convenient option that homeowners with a wood-burning fireplace have is to use artificial logs, which are also known as artificial firelogs, fake firelogs, wax firelogs, and artificial wax firelogs. But, are these safe to use? Are artificial firelogs good or bad for your fireplace? Mr. Smokestack would like to tell you some of the benefits and disadvantages of using artificial firelogs in your fireplace.


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Artificial firelogs burn cleaner.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Environment Canada and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a study on artificial firelogs and concluded that they produce less carbon monoxide and other polluting particulates than real wood.

Artificial firelogs are safer to use.

A wood-burning fire can be extremely hot, and these fires can have such high temperatures that you cannot sit near the fire. When you follow the directions for using artificial logs, the fires will not be as hot, so you can enjoy sitting closer to the flame. These firelogs are also less likely to start a dangerous chimney fire.

Artificial firelogs are more convenient and easier to use.

No more manual chores of lugging in firewood or sweeping up ashes. Wood fires can also be difficult to start. All you have to do with artificial firelogs is stick a log in the fireplace and light the package. It is so simple and easy!

Artificial firelogs are less expensive.

Firewood is only cheaper if you cut and split your own wood. Some feel you get more bang for your buck with an artificial firelog.


Artificial firelogs do not provide the same ambiance as a real wood-burning fire.

‘If you love the sensations of a wood fire, you most likely would not like the fire provided by artificial firelogs. Even though some artificial firelogs can crackle like a real fire, they can never produce a fire like a real wood-burning flame.

Artificial logs have specific directions that must be followed.

Carefully read the directions when using artificial firelogs. You should always only use one log at a time in an open fireplace. Take caution when moving these logs as they can easily break and start an out-of-control fire.

Have more questions about artificial firelogs? Contact Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service to ask us what you need to know.

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