When it comes to fireplace restoration, there’s only one name that we trust year after year. Using Ahren-Fire Masonry Fireplace Restoration System, we are able to improve fireplace safety and performance, restore function as well as beauty, and bring up the value of your home in the process.

fireplace insertFireplace Problems Solved with Ahren-Fire

Your fireplace problems are often due to draft problems, but can sometimes be the result of a major unseen issue. When there is a problem with the fireplace such as issues with smoke, lighting, and burning, you can troubleshoot yourself at home. When you have tried troubleshooting and still find yourself asking questions like these, there is a problem behind-the-scenes that needs attention right away.

  • Why does the room get smoky?
  • Why does the house seem colder when I light a fire?
  • Why do the walls surrounding the fireplace get so hot?

Using Ahren-Fire Masonry Fireplace Restoration System, our team at Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service will diagnose and address the potentially dangerous circumstance that is the root cause of the issue. It is likely there are hidden combustibles behind the brick or under the floor, insufficient thickness of hearth and chimney walls, or inadequate or excessive draft.

A Complete Fireplace System

When we install the Ahren-Fire fireplace we install it as a complete system, from the hearth to the top of the chimney. Using this complete fireplace system, we can restore a badly damaged or neglected fireplace and chimney system, bring old systems up to code, and improve the efficiency of open masonry fireplaces. Not only does the Ahren-Fire system restore fireplaces, but it’s the only system that does—meeting or exceeding the stringent Underwriters Laboratory safety testing criteria.

Designed for Efficiency and Performance

When you choose Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, you choose expert services and products at every turn. The goal of Ahren-Fire products to include efficiency in installation and operation. This means the products are easy to install, keeping labor costs low while providing a service that is unparalleled and products that cannot be beaten.

  • Attention to detail throughout design and manufacturing assures each part fits together exactly
  • Each component is made of special high-temperature refractory materials through a casting process
  • Each component is designed with an attractive, realistic brick pattern appealing to the eye
  • The fireplace components are durable and strong enough to withstand the loading, travel, and installation involved in your restoration without damaging any of the manufactured parts
  • The fireplace is designed to reflect heat into the house, preventing the heat loss associated with other systems.
  • Increased efficiency means a cleaner burn, hotter fire, less fuel waste, pollution, and fewer maintenance appointments
  • Due to the density of the material used, the fireplace continues to release heat long after the fire is out
  • The ease of installation allows for an unchanged hearth opening and fireplace face
  • Eight different Ahren-Fire models mean a perfect fit for every fireplace

How Does it Work?

An Ahren-Fire fireplace works much like an insert retro-fitted into an existed masonry firebox. Where an insert is a complete unit put into the system, the Ahren-Fire system is one that completes the fireplace in parts—walls, floor, and ceiling, as well as the flue and smoke chamber. The rounded back wall of the Ahren-Fire fireplace is designed to radiate heat from side to side and top to bottom. This results in an even heat dispersal that stays consistent and comfortable throughout use. The Ahren-Fire smoke chamber is a stainless steel chamber or custom installed Chamber-Tech 2000 insulating mortar—both efficient options that complete the unit as most efficient. The Ahren-Fire fireplace is the greatest option for those traditional fireplace systems which were sized improperly because the Ahren-Fire system needs half the flue area of a conventional fireplace.

Ahren-Fire Systems in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Beyond

Have you recently had a report of a fireplace problem? Your chimney expert might mention Ahren-Fire systems for seamless repairs and affordable restorations. Don’t fret. Residents in Raleigh and beyond have depended on us for over fifteen years, bringing safety, warmth, and value to homes in our own communities season after season.

When should you consider Ahren-Fire? This is a decision that you cannot take lightly, as any fireplace restoration will take time and money. You will not be able to use your fireplace while having Ahren-Fire systems installed, and will have a technician in your home until the job is complete. The good thing about having a trusted chimney professional and licensed company well-acquainted with your chimney system? You will likely get fewer surprises at inspection time, and you can trust the reports and recommendations you get.

Don’t trust your gut when it comes to your chimney, trust the experts. Schedule chimney sweeps regularly and inspections annually so that you are not surprised by big problems. When there is a problem, let the professionals handle it.

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