Damper Repair and Replacement

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Over time, especially during winter while your chimney and fireplace are used often, parts can become damaged. Even a well-constructed chimney and properly-installed parts can become damaged, dropping efficiency, and raising the risk of fire or other safety hazards. One of the most common parts that becomes damaged through winter is the damper. When it works, it keeps things running smoothly, but when it’s damaged or stuck, it can cause big problems very fast.

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When Dampers Go Wrong
Your damper is designed to open and close the flue to allow air flow, or to stop it. Throat dampers are metal, and do not have an exact seal, but should still remain open while a fire is burning, otherwise the smoke, particles, and hazardous gases won’t rise up the chimney as it should. In order to work safely, it has to be installed properly and used properly. When the damper becomes worn out or stuck, the first sign is a smoky fireplace. First check if your using it properly. Make sure you’re burning properly seasoned firewood. If it’s still smoky, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Damper Repair or Replacement
When you have a chimney or fireplace problem, call on Mr. Smokestack Chimney Services–Raleigh’s top choice for chimney care since 2006. We’ll start by diagnosing the problem and recommending a repair plan. We can replace your throat damper with a new one, and we can perform a chimney sweep that will clean away all the gunk that cakes onto the damper and damages it. A popular option that we’re recommending to customers that are looking for more savings, more protection, and a more long-term use is the top mount damper. Top mount dampers are often called energy saving dampers because they save homeowners money year-round, preventing heated air loss during winter, and conditioned air loss in summer. The top mount damper installs at the top of the flue and works as both a damper and a chimney cap. It prevents animal intrusion when open, and has an airtight seal to keep weather, drafts, and animals out while closed. These dampers save customers up to 3 times in utility costs in the first year of use! If you’re looking for a damper replacement, this is our choice, and it can be yours too.

Choose Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service
At Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, our technicians are CSIA-certified chimney sweeps, with the experience and training to provide the best services and the most professional experience possible. We install top mount dampers with minimal bother to our customers and then show you how to work it properly and safely. These dampers may be on top of your chimney, but they have a cord next to your hearth that engages and disengages them. It’s important to understand how it works, and that they are never closed while a fire burns. This and other safety tips can be discussed with your family and your chimney expert during your appointment.

Is it time to have your damper checked out? Possibly repaired or replaced? Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service can take care of it.

Just call 919-747-1859 or request an appointment online.

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