Dangers of a Dirty Chimney

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Cleaning & Inspection

If you’re like many homeowners, your chimney is used at least intermittently each winter. Even those who don’t use their fireplace as a primary heat source still use the fireplace regularly all winter long. Every time the fire burns in your fireplace, smoke and gases are vented up the flue and out the chimney. As this happens, soot and creosote move along with the smoke, coating the interior flue and resulting in a buildup of creosote. In order to keep the chimney working efficiently and safely, it’s important to schedule a chimney sweeping each year, ideally during the off-season.

Chimney Sweeps for Safe Chimneys

House with smoking chimney
According to industry professionals, the chimney and fireplace systems that are the most efficient and safe are those that are maintained properly on a regular basis. This means the chimney system is inspected and cleaned annually. If you’ve used your chimney all winter, you should schedule a chimney sweeping each spring or summer to clear away any debris. This ensures your system is in working order and also prevent mishaps and foul odors.

Schedule Now and Avoid the Fall Rush

Don’t wait until the fall to schedule your chimney sweep. It can be downright impossible to get on the books with a chimney company for a non-emergent service like chimney sweepings. By scheduling in the summer, you can avoid the fall rush and get on the schedule with a trusted chimney company—and your favorite chimney sweep!

If your chimney hasn’t been cleaned in the last twelve months, it’s time to schedule now. Other signs that your chimney needs a sweep include stinky chimney odors, smoky fires, debris in the firebox, and more. If you are a new homeowner, your chimney should not only be cleaned but also inspected. A standard chimney sweep with Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service includes a basic inspection that will ensure your system is safe for use. We work with new homeowners, REALTORs, and property managers year-round.

What to Expect from Your Chimney Sweep

When you schedule with Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, you can plan ahead by moving furniture and valuables out of the way of the fireplace. Our technician will arrive at the appointed time with all the tools required for the job. We’ll use drop cloths to protect the furniture and flooring while we work. We’ll also use special brushes and rods to clean the inside of the flue without damaging the liner in the process. All the mess is contained with our industrial vacuuming system that keeps your home and air clean of ash and other pollutants.

When it’s time to put your chimney system to rest for the off-season, it’s time to call the professionals. At Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, we can have your system ready for fall so that you don’t miss it when the weather is cool again. When you schedule now, this also means you will have time to make necessary repairs or changes before the burn season. Call us at 919-747-1859 to schedule your chimney sweep today or request an appointment online!

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