Five Ways to Protect Against Chimney Leaks

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Leak Prevention

During the life of your home, there is a lot that can go wrong with your chimney. It’s your job as the homeowner to do all you can to protect your home’s value as well as the family who lives in it. You can do this best by hiring professionals to maintain your chimney who are trained and licensed to do the work properly and safely. Protect your chimney against weather this spring by trusting Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service.

Cap the Chimneywhite brick home with chimney and cap

Chimneys that are protected from the top-down are the best protected against water, weather, and other damage. The chimney acts as a roof. These are commonly made of durable metal that withstands weather and time. The water runs off of the cap and onto the crown below. Many caps may be specially designed to direct high winds away from the flue opening. Chimney caps include a metal mesh portion which protects the flue opening from all sides, keeping debris and animals out of the flue and keeping sparks in.

Chimney Crown

The crown is a ceiling, covering the whole chimney top from the flue opening. A proper crown also extends past the edge of the chimney by at least two inches to divert water. A slant guides the water away from the masonry and towards the flashing. The crown should be constructed of proper materials and be at least 4 inches thick at its edge. This also prevents water from running down the masonry.


Flashing is made up of multiple thin sheets of metal, strategically placed to keep water out at vulnerable points of the roof such as the intersection of roof and chimney. Your flashing should be installed by a chimney professional who is experienced and trained. The placement depends on the slant and material of the roof and should never need sealant or tar to protect against water. There should never be exposed nails which can allow water into the system. Plainly put, if you have a chimney leak, the most common cause is a flashing problem. It’s the first thing we check and one of our most frequent repairs.

Waterproofing Services

In addition to professional installations and repairs, you can protect your chimney system against leaks with waterproofing services. Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service uses a vapor-permeable water repellent which keeps water molecules from getting into the masonry while allowing heat and gases out. Other products can trap moisture inside, causing even more damage. The product we use is a long-lasting protective layer that doesn’t change the look of your masonry, is easy to apply, and works year after year.

Preventative Maintenance

It’s important to schedule routine chimney sweeps and annual inspections with a professional in order to maintain the highest level of efficiency and safety. When you schedule these services with a chimney expert, small damage is caught before more damage is caused. Your technician will notify you of missing or damaged parts which may lead to a leak. It’s also more likely that a professional will catch a leak before a homeowner, stopping the repairing it right away.

Make sure your chimney system is protected against leaks by scheduling services with Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service today! Call us at 919-747-1859.

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