Customer Testimonials

I just had my new woodstove insert put in. It is a Regency I1200. Robbie is awesome to work with! The wood stove is fantastic. The installation went smooth. It is impossible to say how great everything is from the first time I called to make arrangements for this all to happen straight through to the completion. As I said it is simply awesome! I can sincerely recommend Robbie and Mr. Smokestack to anyone!

Bruce Close

We would like to say that Mr. Smokestack did a wonderful job installing our Regency I2400 insert. We appreciated the care taken to make sure the house was left as clean or cleaner than when you arrived. We have had it running almost every day since it was put in and love it. Your were kind to our kids too and they had a good time with you. If and when we need work done regarding our chimney or insert we will be calling you.

Michael Moneypenny

Robbie is an absolute professional who knows his job and does it very well. I recently had Robbie/Mr. Smokestack install 2 wood burning inserts; it was a great experience from start to finish. Thank you so much 🙂


I’m new to the area had a hard time finding reviews on chimney sweeps and am leery of them given the ones in my old town are known for recommending needless high cost “fixes.” Fortunately, I found Robbie. He did a thorough inspection, provided great communication before his inspection and during, didn’t recommend any extra “fixes” and charged a fair price. He’s a nice guy who took care to wear booties (even in a construction zone) and not add to the renovation mess I have. I’m looking forward to using my fireplace soon. I will use him for regular inspections and recommend him to others.

Alicia Stack

I have only been a homeowner for about a year and do not know much about this stuff. I called Mr. Smokestack a few months ago when I thought I had bats in my chimney. I was told I had chimney swifts which couldn’t be disturbed (by law). Even though I couldn’t get anything done until those birds left, Robbie answered all of my questions and he was so pleasant to talk to. I remembered that when the birds were gone. I figured I would have to have a clean before I could use the chimney again. I was expecting to have to pay a few hundred dollars for the sweep and cap, but Robbie came out, looked at my chimney, and told me he couldn’t charge me for a sweep as it really wasn’t needed. He could have done the sweep and I would have paid and never known. He also helped me open the thing where you can push out extra ash and got that out for me. No charge, no question. I was really impressed with his honesty and helpfulness. He was on time and switched around his schedule to get to me. I never realized until I had to deal with it exactly how much you have to do with a house, but I wish more business operated like this one!


In the many years that I have been a homeowner, I have met very few tradesmen as thorough and professional as Robbie. His commitment to customer service is truly exceptional. Robbie took the time to explain the issues to me in a very understandable manner, and also very clearly explained the range of options / solutions available. Again, it has been a pleasure working with Robbie. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone in need of chimney expertise.

Peter Marsico

I found Mr. Smokestack on Google and read the customer reviews. I was looking for quality work at an affordable price with no mess. Robbie contacted me promptly, arrived on time, and did a great job cleaning the chimney and explaining everything that was done. Fantastic! Quality work, affordable price, no mess! Everything I was looking for…

Dan A,

Robbie, from Mr. Smokestack, provides excellent customer service. I had baby birds in my dryer vent hose located on the third floor. Robbie stayed in communication about my problem confirming the needed supplies to resolve the issue, providing fair price estimates, and confirming the appointment. His follow through was excellent. He was friendly, accommodating, and very conscientious about my home. I would definitely conduct business with Robbie again and would highly recommend his company to friends and family. Thank you Robbie!

Kathleen Ruppe

A friend recommended Mr. Smokestack for good customer service, so I called to have my fireplace inspected and chimney cleaned. I’m very satisfied with the results. Robbie was very clean, and helpfully explained the details of the work.

I was more than pleased with experience I had with Robbie Markey’s Mr. Smokestack. If anything, I was relieved that all my needs had been taken care of so quickly and without any reservations, putting me totally at ease. Robbie’s professional and amiable manner once at my home, transparent work estimates, and informative website all led me to realize I had made the right decision to contact Mr. Smokestack for my chimney/fireplace needs. His experience in this industry is unmatched and I felt very confident in the inspection and cleaning services he performed. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a credible chimney/fireplace inspection, cleaning, or repair! To my list of essential contacts, I have added Mr. Smokestack. Thank you, Robbie, and best wishes

Maggie Pierre-Louis

Great experience: quick, clean, very thorough, and very friendly. Also called me to set up a time within 15 minutes of submitting my online appointment request despite the fact it was a Saturday. Would absolutely recommend!

Liz Cirulli

Mr. Robbie, did very good job fixing my chimney repair.. I recommend him highly to friends and family members.. Mr. Smokestack quotes are reliable for the service and comparative to other companies.

Srinivasa Murari

I checked around for chimney cleaning services in the area and called a few. I was able to get in touch with Robbie (the owner and operator) very easily and scheduled the service with no problems. In comparison, I had called another company and could only get their voicemail. Robbie’s knowledge of chimneys, fireplace inserts, and fireplaces is excellent. He was very careful with his work, and in particular, very careful to keep the living room area clean throughout the chimney cleaning process. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing chimney cleaning, repair, or insert installation.

David Stokes

I hardly know where to begin in recommending Robbie to you. He is a highly skilled craftsman who knows his business and who honestly puts the safety of his customers first. Robbie is a man of honesty and integrity whose word is his bond. He did exactly what he said he would, when (or before) he said he would, even a few days before Christmas in response to a last-minute call. Robbie is flexible in his approach, being guided by the wishes of his customer in so far as the customer’s choices are safe. When they are not, Robbie will say so, and he simply will not perform the work. He believes it to be better to walk away from a job than to endanger a customer or to do a job that he knows will not serve his customer in the long term. On the other hand, Robbie is willing to offer his advice, bearing in mind the customer’s chief concerns. (Cost was an important consideration for us, and Robbie gave us a range of options together with his recommendation, which we relied upon. I am very glad we did.) Robbie performed his job in a professional, workman-like manner. He’s a personable gentleman and delight to work with. And Robbie can be trusted to do top quality work for a fair price. (In fact, he did so well for us in both respects that I felt impelled to pay him for the value of his work, though that significantly exceeded his bill.) In short, Robbie has my respect and highest regard. I recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation. Should you have any questions, I would be happy to speak with you.

Michael Hamden

With the cold weather upon us and the hectic holiday season my house was crazy, but Robbie came out cleaned the chimney (with NO mess) and joined in the festivities. The kids enjoyed watching ( with me as well) and I found Robbie to be very honest and concerned about the welfare of my family with the damage done to my chimney. He was able to explain to me so I understood and told me he could fix the problem within the week (I was shocked because of the holiday). It was a wonderful experience and I will definitely recommend and be in contact with Robbie again. Thank you so much!!!

Recently I was looking for a chimney sweep and found Mr. Smokestack on the Better Business Bureau. I called Robbie (owner) on Thursday and he was able to schedule me in on Friday evening. Unlike many service providers, Robbie was right on time. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and kept the home clean. He spent time explaining the entire process to me in detail so I understood exactly what he was doing. I will recommend Mr. Smokestack to all my friends.


We bought our house in North Raleigh two years ago. We were told at the time we needed a lot of work on our chimney. We contacted Mr. Smokestack regarding a rebuild of our chimney top and a guy called Robbie answered the phone. He came out that evening and gave us an explanation of the problem and a quote for the work that evening. He came back two days later and rebuilt the entire top of our chimney. We would recommend Mr. Smokestack to our family members. Thank you Mr. Smokestack.

William Shaw

We just moved into an older home this summer. With the cold weather upon us now, we wanted to have a fire in our fireplace but wanted to make sure it was safe especially with a newborn in the house. I called Mr. Smokestack and I got a call back almost immediately. He was able to come out the same day. Robbie (the owner) came out himself and performed the work…he is very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend Mr. Smokestack to anyone.


I love having a fireplace, but it is so important that it is cared for properly to prevent fire danger to my family. When I needed to hire someone to clean my chimney, I wanted someone I could trust who was nationally certified and trained to inspect and clean chimneys and who would take the time to talk with me about concerns I had about the performance of the fireplace. Robbie is not only nationally certified, he continues to update his training and skills. He returned my call promptly, came out to the house on time, cleaned the fireplace thoroughly and with no mess at all to the house. He spent time answering my questions and educating me on how fireplaces work and what might be the cause of my fireplace problem. I make better decisions when I have all the relevant information so I really appreciated the fact that he was willing to take the time to explain things to me. Thanks for the great job Robbie.

Karen Jetton

We would like to say that Mr. Smokestack did a wonderful job installing our Regency I2400 insert. We appreciated the care taken to make sure the house was left as clean or cleaner than when you arrived. We have had it running almost every day since it was put in and love it. Your were kind to our kids too and they had a good time with you. If and when we need work done regarding our chimney or insert we will be calling you.

Julie & Jason Hall

Just had my chimney swept and was impressed with the quality and professionalism from start to finish. Calls were returned quickly and he kept me informed regarding arrival time. I appreciated his patience in answering all of my questions. He thoroughly explained all of his procedures and findings and there was no “hard-sell” for any extras. Robby impressed me as being very trustworthy. There was no residue or evidence he had been in my house at all except for a happy chimney! I will definitely call him again.

Woody C.

We recently purchased a home in the area & were in need of a chimney sweep. We normally only feel comfortable dealing with companies personally referred to us by friends or family. We had no referrals and found Mr. Smokestack on the internet. We were pleasantly surprised. He managed to work us in immediately during his busiest season. His honesty and integrity were refreshing. We had asked for a sweep & he took one look & advised that we did not need a sweep yet. During conversation, it was clear that he was very knowledgeable about the work he performs. He took his time to answer our questions no matter how small and was very professional. Thank you very much Mr. Smokestack. We will call you for any future service needed!


Robbie expertly diagnosed our leaky chimney and fixed it quickly. Still no leaks after about 8 months. Robbie also installed a wood stove for us. He and his crew went to great pains to ensure that the stove was inserted perfectly…even touching up the paint after it was in place. They also cleaned up after themselves. We will definitely use Robbie for any and all of our future chimney and stove needs and greatly recommend him.

Rob R.

We found the owner Robbie to be extremely professional- He was respectful, thorough & went the extra mile in explaining the issues involved. It’s truly refreshing to meet small business owners who are experts in their field and able to balance that expertise with outstanding customer service. Also little things, like calling ahead to reconfirm times & saying Please, May I enter & Thank you are sadly uncommon today-BUT not the case with this company. They seem to take pride in the old fashioned way of doing business in a modern world. Somehow this company seems to have captured a way of combining modern, state of the art techniques & equipment with Good Neighbor type principles from our Grandparents & Great Grandparents era which is a Real Win-Win! I would recommend Mr. Smokestack without hesitation. Best to you and your family.

Juliette Dais

After a chimney fire, I contacted Mr. Smokestack for advice. Robbie promptly responded and was on time for the inspection. The condition of our chimney was not good and it needed relining. Robbie documented the recommended work with great communication and e-mail. We also found his quote to be competitive. He again showed up on time to do the repair and finished within the estimated time. We have done a lot of renovation work on our house this year and no one came close to Robbie’s professional and friendly demeanor. All and all, a great experience and I would highly recommend his services.

Mike Sigmon

Robbie does a great job with one of the most well run companies we’ve encountered during our home renovations. He was respectful, professional, friendly, and did great work! Not only that, but he tried to save us money where-ever possible, without cutting corners on the final product. We converted a gas fireplace to wood burning. The original firebox and chimney were ancient and needed a lot of love. Mr. Smokestack attended to every detail with the utmost attention to a well done job. Robbie also took the time to ensure that we understood just what needed to be done, and why, explaining the process and answering any questions. I should also note that the cost was better than expected for the project; and better than could be expected from competing companies (with a better quality of service than others could propose). Thanks again!!

Neal Kite

We bought our home about 2 years ago (04/07) and always had an issue with a very drafty fireplace. The home is about 25 years old. We finally decided to contact someone about the problem. My husband found Mr. Smokestack and Robbie came out and gave us an honest opinion. We also wanted to convert from gas to wood. We decided that we would order a new enclosure from a company Robbie suggested. We were quite pleased with their help and got a great price. Robbie installed our new glass enclosure for us and we now are draft free. He was very friendly and cleaned up after himself. He even liked my dog (who can be a bit annoying.) We will be using Mr. Smokestack for our regular chimney maintenance.

Mr. & Mrs. N. Davidson

Robbie was able to address our chimney repair concerns promptly and efficiently. His friendly and professional demeanor was a real asset. I especially appreciated the digital images he provided of our chimney “before” and “after” the repair. This extra service makes a great archive. I would definitely recommend Mr. Smokestack to anyone needing expert chimney care or repair. Thanks again, Robbie!


Robbie was wonderful!! I was able to get an appointment within the week (really the day after I requested services) and I was very impressed with the professionalism and respect for my home that was shown during the visit. I would highly recommend this company to my friends and neighbors. Thanks and I look forward to doing business with you again!


I have never encountered a more professional chimney sweep. Not only was Robbie friendly and completely professional, but he also provided a wealth of knowledge concerning the upkeep and well-being of our fireplace. I will never call anyone else as long as I live in this area.

Kevin & Shannon

Robbie did a very good job…was quick, thorough, and cleaned up completely when he was finished. I will definitely call him again when his service is needed!

T. Chan

WOW! What a pleasure it was to meet Robbie for the first time! It just seems there are times you meet someone you feel left you a better person than before you met them and that is how I felt after Robbie came to service our fireplace. He was pleasant, honest and businesslike. I felt as though I could and did trust him from the moment he walked in the door. He openly told me from one glance at our fireplace that it did not need cleaning even though he had driven an hour for this service. I do not believe there are many who would not have just cleaned it anyway. Our fireplace has a smoking problem (Nicorette will not work, haha) and Robbie was very patient in trying to figure out why this was occurring. He left us with a solution to our smoking problem and assured us he would contact us if he thought of other options. I would recommend Robbie to anyone I know for all of his service expertise. I just wish he offered another service: training other service workers for customer satisfaction 🙂

Sue Rupert

I recently had need for a chimney sweep and someone to install caps on my chimney. I accidentally found Mr. Smokestack on the internet and sent an email inquiry. Robbie promptly called me and was able to come the next day. He skillfully cleaned the two liners in the chimney and repaired the seal ring at the top of our chimney. He measured for the caps and ordered them. The complete job was finished on schedule and priced fairly. My wife and I can easily recommend Robbie for we found him prompt, honest and caring. His work was done well and there was NO mess!

Marcus King

We bought a house last year in 2007. The chimney had not been cleaned since the house was built in 1996. You can imagine how much soot and ash came out during the cleaning process. Robbie was great. He was able to get the cleaning done fast and efficiently with no mess. Very friendly and easy to work with. We will use again for chimney cleaning as well as HVAC duct cleaning.

Eddie Dornsmith

Rob did a great job. Fast service. Reasonable pricing. We moved into an older home and needed the chimney serviced. It needed a crown seal and he was able to do it the same day. He also took pictures and showed me the before and after pictures and emailed them to me that evening. I would definitely recommend Mr. Smokestack and I will call him for future service.


We recently converted our fire place from gas back to wood. We called Mr. Smokestack to inspect and clean the chimney. He came promptly and did a good job. He showed up on time, was always respectful and professional. He identified a problem with the cap and solved it next day. Overall a good and reliable service done professionally.


I recently bought an old home in Raleigh that had a gas fireplace. I had the gas line removed and converted it back to a wood burning fireplace. Before lighting my first fire I had Robbie come out to inspect and clean the chimney as well as fixing a broken damper. He did an excellent job and was very professional. I would definitely recommend calling Robbie.


I called Robbie from Mr. Smokestack on Tuesday and he was out to my house on Friday. Robbie was very friendly and courteous; he called the house to let me know he was on the way. He took a picture of my chimney and showed me, and explained what I was looking at. I was very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend Mr. Smokestack to anyone.


I called Mr. Smokestack to inspect my fireplace/chimney for loud popping noises when I would burn a fire. When Robbie arrived, he placed a camera up the interior of my chimney and showed me multiple tiny holes from corrosion over time. He proceeded to tell me my insert was still in good shape, but recommended relining my chimney. He gave me my estimate on-site. After ordering what he needed, Robbie was back at my home in 6 days to complete the job. Mr. Smokestack is efficient, professional, and reliable. Thank you! My fireplace has never worked better!


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