How Tuckpointing Works

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Chimney Repair

Masonry damage can be unsightly, bringing down the value of your chimney, dropping efficiency, and creating a fire hazard. It may not seem like a big deal–a few cracks are no big deal, right? Wrong. Spalling masonry–that’s cracking, crumbling, and falling–can lead to big problems. It can create gaps, allow heat and toxic gases to transfer from the chimney into the home, and can even fall from the chimney and roof, creating a serious liability. This type of damage can be repaired, but the best way to treat spalling masonry is to prevent it from ever happening. If it does occur, however, you should schedule professional services right away.How Tuckpointing Works - Raleigh NC - Mr. Smokestack

Professional Tuckpointing Services

It is not enough to beautify your worn-out masonry by adding new mortar. A professional should actually remove damaged masonry and correct it through a process called tuckpointing, sometimes called repointing. During this process, a certified chimney sweep will remove the affected brick and mortar, and replace it with new mortar of equal strength, color, and consistency. If the mortar is mixed improperly, it can actually weaken the masonry instead of strengthening it. This will hinder it instead of restoring it.

The Process

When you call Mr. Smokestack Chimney Service, you are making your home a priority by getting in touch with the experts. First, a certified technician will arrive to diagnose the problem and determine the severity of the masonry damage. The necessary repairs will be recommended and an appointment scheduled. Not every person who claims masonry experience can restore spalling masonry, but our technicians can. Our experts will evaluate the makeup of the existing mortar and match the new mortar before starting this important job. The bricks and mortar will be carefully removed, and then replaced for a seamless, beautiful look. The finished job will not look at all like it’s been changed in any way instead, it will look like it was never damaged to begin with! We guarantee professional results every time, and professional courtesies from start to finish.

Why Schedule Repairs Now

A little bit of spalling now can become a serious problem by the end of burn season. If there are cracks and gaps in the masonry, water can enter and then freeze. As it freezes, the water expands and breaks apart the masonry before melting, only to repeat the process again and again, moving further into the masonry. This type of winter damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle can be devastating and costly in the spring. Prevent it by scheduling an inspection and repairs now.

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