Mr Smokestack Fireplace - Annual CheckUp

The Annual Check Up – Offer Extended!

Our wood burning and gas appliance maintenance special

$249.00 (regularly $279) – You Save $30
May 15th – August 31st, 2022

Wood Burning fireplaces, gas logs, and gas appliances should be cleaned, inspected, and serviced every year. These necessary maintenance tasks ensure that your fireplace will be working properly when you wish to enjoy it. But when should you schedule these necessary tasks?

The spring and summer seasons are the best times to schedule the Annual Check Up and prepare your fireplace for colder months. The Annual Check Up allows our team of experts to properly inspect your wood burning or gas fueled fireplace earlier in the year, so we have ample time before the winter and holiday months to complete maintenance and ensure your fireplace is up to standard.

Plus, with the Annual Check Up offering, you get flexible scheduling and cost savings. A phone call or email today can save you $30 and the headache of finding a certified chimney sweep to clean and inspect your fireplace during the peak of the burning season.

During the Annual Check Up, you will receive the highest level of service and a report with pictures of the critical areas of your fireplace. If there are leaks, water damage, or any concerns within the function of the fireplace, you will receive a prompt estimate for repairs.

Services that are offered within
The Annual Check Up

  • Masonry Fireplace Cleaning and Inspections
  • Prefabricated Fireplace Cleaning and Inspections
  • Gas Logs Service
  • Gas Fireplace Service

How do I sign up?

Signing up is simple! Fill out our contact form and our office will reach out to you by phone to learn a little bit more about your home and the service that you require. Every home is different and we need to learn about yours so we can send the right individual to your home, fully prepared to service your fireplace efficiently and effectively.

Once we get some information, our friendly customer service representative will schedule a time slot for your visit by our certified technician. You will also receive an email reminder the day before your visit, just to give you a heads up that we will be seeing you the next day.

Mr Smokestack Annual Check Up
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What can I expect during my service?

We are proud of our technicians and committed to providing professional service to all of our customers. You will receive a 2-hour arrival window for your service and our technician will call you when he is en route to your home. You can also expect that:

  • The technician will be professional and courteous in your home, respecting you and the investment that you are working diligently to protect.
  • Tarps will be put down to ensure that your home is protected.
  • Once the technician has completed his service, he will make sure that all of your questions are answered and that you are invoiced promptly.

A properly working fireplace is a valuable asset to your home. Avoiding water penetration and ensuring that the fireplace is working properly is critical to maintaining that value. Let us help. Reach out today to sign up for your Annual Check Up and enjoy the peace of mind, time-savings, and cost-savings that come with being prepared for the burning season before it begins!